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Who are the top financial advisors? Help select the best firms.

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USA TODAY will publish its first-ever list of best financial advisors in April and invites readers to help determine the top firms.

Results from an online survey, developed by independent market research and data firm Statista, will shape this inaugural annual ranking of “Best Financial Advisory Firms” in the U.S.

The aim is to publish a guide of several hundred registered investment advisor firms (so-called RIA firms) that are recommended most and considered the best by clients and peers.

Both readers who have consulted financial advisors and experts working at a financial advisory firm are invited to participate in the survey, which is open between now and January 6. 

While clients can evaluate the firm they are familiar with, the survey for peers follows the “give and take” principle. That means that they are first asked to evaluate and recommend other firms they know and appreciate. They are then asked to nominate people who can evaluate their own firm. 

To participate in this survey, please click here

The opinions of survey participants will remain anonymous. However, the survey allows clients and experts to agree to be contacted by the editorial team at USA TODAY.

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