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The biggest trends of the year

Pinterest predicts the emerging fashion and home trends of 2023.
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The 2023 trends are coming and Pinterest has predicted what they will be. 

Every year, Pinterest predicts the most popular lifestyle, home and fashion trends of the coming year based on search volume within their site. The visual search engine has just released its 2023 report and we are salivating over the newest trends in home, fashion, wellness, parenting, pets and more. 

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There are some fun surprises as well as trends we absolutely expected, including many that are a nod to the Y2K aesthetic, including Doc Martens, mushroom chic and rave couture. 

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We’ve rounded up our 10 favorite search trends worth shopping right now, based on what Pinterest predicts will be 2023’s hottest trends. 

1. Front door treatments

Elevated entryways are going to be a trend this year. Look to luxe door knockers and elegant hooks.

During COVID, we focused on making our backyards a sanctuary. In 2023 we will focus on front doors and entryways that say, “Come on in! We are ready for visitors.”

From luxe door knockers to statement welcome mats to elevated entryways, the front door give sets the tone for what’s inside.

2. Chance of showers

This year the shower gets some love as the self-care center of the home.

Showers don’t have to be fast and furious. Pinterest predicts a rise in making the shower the ultimate sanctuary of self-care. Scented shower steamers, soothing scrubs and fluffy robes help set a scene of total self-care. 

3. Airy Styles (Harry Styles?)

Ruffles and sheer fabrics bring an air of romance to fashion in 2023.

According to Pinterest, “After two years of sweatpants and loungewear, the focus is now on body-baring silhouettes.”

Those with a keen eye for emerging trends will have noticed this trend is not exclusive to women’s wear. There has been a steady climb in the popularity of lace, crochet and ruffles on the menswear scene. Don’t blame us (darling) if we think Harry Styles may have had a hand in the sudden surge in popularity of “airy styles” for men, including “sheer trouser outfits.”

Women are taking to the ruffles too, with airy styles that flutter and flounce for a romantic style trend across both genders—and everyone in between. 

4. Feeling the feels

Self-reflection and self-expression are going to take an important role in people's lives in 2023.

GenZ and Millenials are the feeling generations and their commitment to self-reflection is taking hold and reverberating through the trend landscape. We could all do with a bit more introspection, and this year we’ll see trends that focus on expressive arts and music therapy, as well as creative ways to work on our inner growth.

5. Free Spirits

Non-alcoholic cocktail hours are all the fun with none of the hangover.

Sometimes we want to drink, and sometimes we don’t—and sometimes we want a cocktail sans alcohol. This year we are looking at more spirited alcohol-free drinks and cocktails (or mocktails).

It’s truly a movement: More and more non-alcoholic cocktail recipe books are coming onto the scene. Also, alcohol-free spirits, beers and wine are getting more and more delicous—proving to everyone that it doesn’t have to be fermented to be fun. 

6. Pet parties

There's no time like the present for a pet-centered party!

Not just pet parties—pet pool parties are a current trend. Animal owners know that every day is a special occasion to celebrate their four-legged besties. Pinterest reports a 490 percent increase in DIY dog areas in the backyard and an 85 percent increase in DIY dog pool ideas. We don’t know about you, but we are here for this. 

Pets are the best guests of honor. Here’s hoping for more pet parties—whether they are poolside or not—in the coming year. 

7. A Mushroom Moment

Funky little fungi take center-stage as Mushroom-core gains popularity.

Weirdcore is all the rage and mushrooms are finding their place within the zeitgeist once again. As part of the renaissance of the Y2K aesthetic, we are seeing all sorts of late 90s trends resurface: raves are becoming popular again, low-rise boot cuts are seeing a resurgence, and fungi’s little gilled umbrellas are having their moment all over again.

From Gigi Hadid’s Fraiser Sterling partnership to Rodarte’s now-sold-out mushroom-print dress, the mushroom trend is having a moment in the fashion world and is whimsically making its way to home decor as well. 

8. Fun Fringe

Fringe is in!

Don’t think flappers or tassels. Fringe has steadily been making a comeback through 2022 and in 2023 it will be a bonafide trend—but with a twist. This time around, fringe is all about the details, with knots and beads. It’s also about creating a bit of drama with fun colors and contrasts. 

Free-swinging dressesjackets and even sweaters will add a bit of edge to everything. And for the unconventional bride: fringe wedding dresses are a fun and funky on-trend idea that’s gaining popularity. 

9. Good on Paper

Paper gets crafty this year as the popularity of paper crafts rise.

People are taking it slow in 2023. Like the expressive art trend we talked about, people are looking for ways to show their creative sides. Paper crafts are spiking in popularity. Most paper crafts have a bit more instant gratification than other mediums, which can take days or weeks to complete and the tactile process of many paper crafts is right on trend. 

From pâper maché “pottery” to origami gift boxes to quilled frames and cards, people are searching for quiet crafts with a little bit of ASMR calming qualities to them. 

10. All the Rave

Y2K aesthetic continues to gain steam with rave-core styles.

Riding the Y2K aesthetic revival, raves are back! Just like in the late 90s, raves weren’t just about the party scene, they were also about fashion and home decor: Think glow-in-the-dark, black light, trippy and day-glo colors.

What is Pinterest predicts?

Each year, Pinterest publishes their annual “Pinterest Predicts” overview, which looks at the latest, rising trends based on dominant search trends of more than 400 million users.

Instead of a year-end report, “Pinterest Predicts” focuses on rising search volume to predict the trends that will reveal themselves in the coming year. In the past two years, Pinterest has reported that 8 out of 10 of their trend predictions have come to fruition. What that means is this trend forecast is a pretty good indication of what will be hot next year. 

If you’re shopping for that trendy person in your life, or you’re shopping for yourself, the “Pinterest Predicts” report is a pretty good guide for what will be hot in the coming year. 

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