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See celebrated snow leopard image

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A remarkable image of an elusive species known as ‘ghost of the mountains’ won a German photographer The Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award. 

Out of 25 images selected as finalists, Sascha Fonseca’s image of a snow leopard posed against the Indian Himalayas was chosen by thousands of voters. 

A total of 60,466 voters weighed in on this year’s competition –  which was produced by the Natural History Museum in London. Photos in the contest highlighted scenes of snuggling monkeys, a statuesque lion and a stunned spider out of 38,575 entries from 93 countries.

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With an estimated 6,500 adult snow leopards in the wild, this well-camouflaged, stealthy species is difficult to photograph in their remote habitats, the museum explained. This year’s winning image was taken in Ladakhin, India.

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