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Philippines map shows more US military presence to protect Taiwan

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The U.S. will nearly double its military presence in the Philippines under an agreement announced Thursday, part of an effort to counter China’s threats to Taiwan and growing Chinese influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

The Philippine government is giving the U.S. temporary access to four more of its domestic military bases, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Philippines Defense Secretary Carlito Galvez said in Manila.

The U.S. will now have access to nine bases across the Philippines.

Though new sites were not officially disclosed, multiple news reports said the U.S. had asked for sites in Cagayan, Palawan, Isabela and Zambales.

The expansion is part of an American armed forces realignment along the Pacific Rim. Working with allies, the U.S. will use sites in Japan, Australia, Guam and the Philippines as quick-response bases against possible Chinese attacks.

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