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NJ teen bullying video sparks outrage, concern

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On Feb. 3, 14-year-old Adriana Kuch ended her life two days after she was assaulted at a New Jersey high school and the attack was recorded and shared on social media. One clip shows her classmates kicking, punching and dragging Kuch by the hair in the school hallway. Not only did she endure physical harm, she also experienced humiliation, her father says, and was mocked and harassed afterward.

“They just kept at it, after they jumped her,” Michael Kuch told CBS on Feb. 10. “They would keep sending her videos. Then they would get screen shots of the videos because the videos kept getting taken down, and then they would write nasty comments on it.”

The students involved, who are juveniles, have since been charged, and a school district superintendent resigned. The video, which has now circulated all over TikTok and Twitter, is prompting national outrage. But experts caution against engaging with this type of content, even if your intention in viewing the footage is not malicious.

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