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Mitchell Miller signed by Bruins, was involved in bullying incident

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The Boston Bruins announced Friday that they have signed defenseman Mitchell Miller, whose 2020 draft by the Arizona Coyotes was renounced after a bullying incident came to light.

Bruins general manager Don Sweeney said the team would “put him in community programs so he continues to educate himself and others about what being disrespectful does for you and how you continue to carry that for the rest of your life.” 

After the player was drafted in the fourth round in 2020, the Arizona Republic reported that Miller four years earlier, at age 14, had admitted in an Ohio juvenile court to bullying a Black classmate who had developmental disabilities. 

The classmate, Isaiah Meyer-Crothers, was tricked into licking a candy push pop that Miller and another boy had wiped in a bathroom urinal. Meyer-Crothers also told the newspaper that Miller had used racial slurs around him.

Mitchell Miller awaits word in the 2020 NHL Draft.

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“When I was in eighth grade, I made an extremely poor decision and acted very immaturely,” Miller said Friday in a statement released by the team. “I bullied one of my classmates. I deeply regret the incident and have apologized to the individual. Since the incident, I have come to better understand the far-reaching consequences of my actions that I failed to recognize and understand nearly seven years ago. I strive to be a better person and positively contribute to society.”

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