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Lindsay Clancy, Duxbury murders and postpartum psychosis explained

Duxbury Police work at the scene  where two children were found dead and an infant injured, Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2023, in Duxbury, Mass. Authorities. responding Tuesday night to reports of a woman jumping out of a window at a house, found them unconscious with obvious signs of trauma. The mother, Lindsay Clancy, remains hospitalized and will be arraigned on homicide charges after she is released, Plymouth District Attorney Timothy Cruz said Wednesday. (David L Ryan/The Boston Globe via AP) ORG XMIT: MABOD201
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On social media, Lindsay Clancy, 32, seemed like any other mom. She shared numerous photos of – and with – her kids, all smiling as she embraced them. She looked normal. Happy, even.

But in January, Clancy was charged with murdering her three young children before attempting to take her own life. Many have been trying to understand how this could happen. Why?

At her arraignment, her defense lawyer said Clancy, whose youngest child was 8-months-old, may have been suffering from postpartum psychosis, a rare mental health condition that can affect new mothers’ connection to reality.

It is not confirmed whether Clancy ever received an official diagnosis, and nothing can explain or excuse the horrific deaths of her three children. However, the case is sparking a national conversation about postpartum mental health, as some mothers share their own stories of hallucinations, paranoia and suicidal thoughts after childbirth. Some recalled feeling out of touch with reality and battling intrusive thoughts. The hashtag #postpartumpsychosis has over 59 million views on TikTok.

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