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LeBron James’ uncomfortable question about Jerry Jones, Kyrie Irving

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Not sure why LeBron James bothered speaking the truth about Jerry Jones and that picture from 1957, which is less a story about Jerry and ’57, and more a story about you and me and right now. Not sure why he bothered, even if he is – sorry, even though he is – correct. Who’s listening to an NBA player, even one as smart and insightful as LeBron, on this topic?

Not the people he’d like to listen. Could that be you? Only you know that.

We loved it when LeBron dunked on Kyrie Irving though, didn’t we? Kyrie screwed up by promoting on his Twitter account a movie based on blatant anti-Semitic rhetoric, and LeBron came out and said what we were all thinking: There’s no place for hate. That was a message that almost everyone could get behind, white and Black, for reasons I shouldn’t have to spell out … but will:

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