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Kyler Murray calls out Patrick Peterson for latest podcast comments

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The Minnesota Vikings’ Patrick Peterson has a podcast, “All Things Covered,” where he frequently talks about his former team, the Arizona Cardinals.

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has evidently had enough of it.

Murray, a former teammate of Peterson’s, called out the defensive back on social media on Wednesday for recent comments about the QB on the podcast.

“This isn’t true …,” part of Murray’s Tweet said, “you got my number, if you really felt like this as a ‘big bro’ or ‘mentor’ you supposed to call me and tell me, not drag me so your podcast can grow…”

What had Murray so fired up?

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Earlier this week, Peterson slammed the Cardinals quarterback on his podcast, saying that Murray only cared about himself.

Nov 27, 2022; Glendale, Arizona, USA; Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray (1) warms up prior to facing the Los Angeles Chargers at State Farm Stadium.

“This is the same guy that you all put in his contract you got to study for four hours a week,” Peterson said of Murray on the podcast. “But the system messed up? They’re requiring you to study for 24 hours, but the system messed up?”

He added: “Kyler Murray don’t care about nobody but Kyler Murray. That’s just the matter of the fact.”

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