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Jose Olivarez’s ‘Promies of Gold’ explores love in all its forms, more

In "Promises of Gold," poet José Olivarez explores the many forms of love and how restorative familial, platonic and romantic love can be.
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Eight hundred miles away from his family during COVID lockdown, Chicago poet José Olivarez was thinking about love: familial, brotherly, romantic, platonic and self kinds of love. 

“It felt to me romantic love was given the most airplay in books, movies and TV shows,” Olivarez tells USA TODAY. “The more I thought about it, friendships are really those relationships that aren’t necessarily permanent, but they’re so important and so meaningful. Yet, they’re not usually the focal point of many books that I was reading or movies that I was watching.” 

For his second poetry collection, “Promises of Gold” (Henry Holt and Co., 320 pp., out now), Olivarez “thought maybe I could try and write some poems that way.” His poems don’t solely focus on the big love he feels for friends, family and his community though – they take pride in their welcoming nature, to urge readers to “allow poetry into your life,” a genre that’s often deemed intimidating. 

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