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Fisherman’s knees ‘buckle’ upon ‘super unheard of’ muskie catch

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A Canadian man fishing in Toronto Harbor assumed he had hooked a big pike when he felt the weight at the end of the line, but when it came to the surface and he saw what it was his knees buckled.

“Once I saw it was a muskie, my knees immediately became like Jello,” Will Sampson told CTV News Toronto. “They just, like, buckled.”

Sampson and a friend were trolling in the harbor and had caught a couple of pike right away. Then, a fish hit his lure that felt heavy. That and the way it was fighting led Sampson to believe it was a big pike, “obviously.”

When he saw the color of the fish, he immediately recognized it as a muskie, which is related to northern pike but is typically a light silver, green or brown color, according to CTV.

Story Credit: usatoday.com

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