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Details on date, sunset time and how to celebrate

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Winter is upon us. 

While there may already be a chill in the air, the official, astrological start to the season won’t be until later this month when winter solstice arrives. 

As the earth spins on its axis, the different hemispheres get closer, or further from the sun. When the Northern Hemisphere is at its furthest point, the winter solstice arrives, making for an extraordinarily short number of daylight hours. 

Less daylight does not always mean colder temperatures though, in fact, for many places in the US there is a weeks-long gap between the winter solstice and the coldest day of the year. 

Here’s everything else you should know ahead of this year’s winter solstice including how to celebrate, and when the sun will set. 

Story Credit: usatoday.com

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