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Complete timeline of the Joe Biden classified document investigation

The FBI’s search of President Joe Biden’s Delaware vacation home marked the third known law enforcement search of locations linked to the president in the ongoing investigation into the handling of classified documents.

Here is a timeline of key dates in the Biden documents investigation:

November 2022: Classified documents turn up at Biden’s former DC office

  • Nov. 2: The president’s lawyers discover a small number of classified documents, about 10, at a D.C. office formerly used by Biden after he left the vice presidency.
  • Nov. 4: The National Archives inspector-general contacts a prosecutor at the Justice Department to say documents bearing classification markings were found at the Biden office.
  • Nov. 9: The FBI begins an assessment to understand whether the information was mishandled.
  • Nov. 14: Attorney General Merrick Garland assigns Chicago U.S. Attorney John Lausch Jr. to conduct an initial investigation.
  • Mid-November: FBI conducts a search of the former Biden office. It’s not immediately clear whether additional records were recovered. The search was consensual and did not require a warrant.

Story Credit: usatoday.com

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