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2022 World Cup commercial features David Beckham, Peyton Manning

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At this point in his career, Peyton Manning is a commercial veteran. 

The Pro Football Hall of Famer co-starred alongside family members and singers and represented insurance brands and sportsbooks. 

Manning’s latest advertising venture has to do with a different type of “football” – and the debate between “soccer” and “football” is the key element in a Frito-Lay spot he shot over the summer alongside David Beckham in England. Julie Foudy, Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain of U.S. women’s national team fame also make guest appearances in the commercial. 

Manning spoke to USA TODAY through his partnership with Frito-Lay ahead of the FIFA men’s World Cup about the ad, his thoughts on the Indianapolis Colts hiring Jeff Saturday, and what the future holds for the “ManningCast.”

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USA TODAY: I know you’re a commercial veteran at this point: what was it like doing this one in particular? 

Peyton Manning: It was a lot of fun to do, flew over to London, actually for it. Getting on David’s schedule was challenging. The spot ended up being just a couple days after the queen passed, which provided some travel challenges and David actually participated in the memorial services for the queen, and he was coming off that tough day for the whole area there. 

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