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Zelensky likens Putin to Hitler insisting Ukraine needs more weapons despite $45bn package in rousing Congress speech

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VOLODYMYR Zelensky likened Putin to Hitler while insisting Ukraine needs more weapons as he addressed Congress.
The war leader was greeted with a standing ovation as he defiantly said Ukraine was “alive and kicking” despite Putin’s invasion.
Zelensky said it was a 'privilege' to speak to Americans6Zelensky said it was a ‘privilege’ to speak to AmericansCredit: GettyHe urged lawmakers in the US to continue helping fund Ukraine's fight against Russia6He urged lawmakers in the US to continue helping fund Ukraine’s fight against RussiaCredit: Sky newsThree members held up a large Ukrainian flag during the ovation6Three members held up a large Ukrainian flag during the ovationCredit: AFPIn a rousing speech at the Capitol, Zelensky appealed to Americans by referencing former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who served between 1933 and 1945, and efforts to liberate Europe from Nazi occupation.
He said: “Just like the brave American soldiers, which gave their lives and fought back Hitler’s forces during the Christmas of 1944, brave Ukrainian soldiers are doing the same this Christmas.”
Seeking more US support for Kyiv’s war efforts, Zelensky urged lawmakers to continue helping fund the fight against Russia.
Clad in the khaki fatigues, he said: “Your money is not charity, it’s an investment in the global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way.”
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The comedian-turn-president said artillery was “not enough”, however, and said the US could “speed up” Ukraine’s triumph over Moscow.
Speaking in English, he said: “We have artillery, yes, thank you. Is it enough? Not really.
“To ensure Bakhmut is not just a stronghold that holds back the Russian army – but for the Russian army to pull out completely – more cannons and shells are needed.
“Russia could stop its aggression, really, if it wanted to. But you can speed up our victory, I know it.”

It comes as Congress finalises a new package of $45 billion in emergency assistance to Ukraine on top of some $50 billion already sent this year.
Joe Biden on Wednesday also unveiled another $1.85 billion in military aid for Ukraine including a Patriot air defence system to help it ward off barrages of Russian missiles.
But some Republicans, who will take control of the House of Representatives from Democrats on January 3, have expressed concerns about the price tag.
They could hold up billions of dollars in war aid starting next month.
But Zelensky on Wednesday promoted a thunderous ovation as he declared that Ukraine will “never surrender” and warned that the stakes of the conflict were greater than just the fate of his nation.
He said: “This battle cannot be ignored, hoping that the ocean or something else will provide protection.”
Zelensky thanked the US for its support and said it was a “privilige” to speak to Americans.
He said: “It is a great honor for me to be at the US Congress and speak to you and all Americans.
“Against all doom and gloom scenarios, Ukraine did not fall. Ukraine is alive and kicking.
“We defeated Russia in the battle for the minds of the world.”
Zelensky went on to say Russians “will stand a chance to be free only when they defeat the Kremlin in their minds”.
The war leader told Congress: “Yet the battle continues and we have to defeat the Kremlin on the battlefield.
“These battles are not only for the territory, the battle is not only for life, freedom and security of Ukrainians or any other nation which Russia attempts to conquer.
“This struggle will define in what world our children and grandchildren will live and then their children and grandchildren.
“It will define whether it will be a democracy of Ukrainians, and for Americans, for all.”
Zelensky also reminded members Russia has an “advantage” in the military with guns, planes and ammunition.
At the end of his speech, he presented Congress with a Ukrainian flag given to him by defenders on the frontline in Bakhmut.
Just a day before touching down in the US, Zelensky visited the war-torn city.
It comes after Zelensky was welcomed to the White House by Biden and wife Jill on his first foreign trip since Putin invaded in February.
The US leader stood beside Zelensky to urge Americans and the world to keep supporting Kyiv in 2023 as the Ukrainian leader made his first foreign wartime visit.
Biden said: “As we head into the New Year, it’s important for the American people, and for the world, to hear directly from you Mr President about Ukraine’s fight and the need to continue to stand together through 2023.”
The US president added he had never seen NATO nor the European Union more united than about Ukraine.
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Zelensky said: “We are discussing sanctions and legal pressure on the terrorist country Russia.”
The Ukrainian president earlier presented Biden with a medal offered by a captain of a HIMARS rocket unit and expressed gratitude for his role in helping Ukraine and rallying support.
Zelensky and Biden spoke at the White House6Zelensky and Biden spoke at the White HouseCredit: Zelenskiy / OfficialBiden has unveiled another $1.85 billion in aid for Ukraine6Biden has unveiled another $1.85 billion in aid for UkraineCredit: Zelenskiy / OfficialZelensky was greeted by members of Congress with a standing ovation6Zelensky was greeted by members of Congress with a standing ovationCredit: AFP
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