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Woman surprises her hubby in a sexy lingerie set – but it’s his brutal reaction that’s got everyone talking

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A WOMAN left social media users concerned after sharing her hubby’s savage reaction to seeing her in sexy lingerie.
Looking to spice up their relationship, TikTok user Natalia Reynolds (@nataliareynoldss) decided to jump into a stunning lingerie set and surprise her partner.
Natalia was feeling herself - and thought her hubby would be too2Natalia was feeling herself – and thought her hubby would be tooCredit: TikTok/@nataliareynoldss
However, his reaction was slightly different and social media users were raging2However, his reaction was slightly different and social media users were ragingCredit: TikTok/@nataliareynoldss
Before heading downstairs where her ”workaholic” man was sitting, Natalia, believed to be from the US, grabbed the phone and posed in front of the mirror.
Paired with a bouncy blow-out and glam make-up, the stunner looked fab, as she dolled in a satin bra and a teeny thong in beige.
For an extra dose of spice, she had also put on a suspender belt and golden chains, as well as a pair of black stilettos.
”Trying to get some afternoon delight from my workaholic husband,” Natalia chuckled in the now-viral clip.
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Satisfied with what she was seeing in the reflection, the stunner the headed to the ground floor where the bloke was glued to his screen.
After Natalia managed to get his attention, the man had a look at her, appearing to be slightly baffled.
But instead of compliments and ditching the work, he said: ”I’m too tired for this s**t.”
To make matters even worse, he then pointed at one of the garments she was wearing and started laughing.

Desperate to fix the awkward situation, Natalia quickly removed her bra, saying: ”What about now?
”You still tired?”
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However, despite the efforts, the man’s reaction – and energy levels – remained the same and he admitted he was still tired.
”Okay…” Natalia said to herself, before ending the video.
It’s safe to say, the husband’s reaction caused a storm online, where many said they wouldn’t have taken it so well.
One wrote: ”I know I’m probably over sensitive but the way I’d go back upstairs and cry.”
Another agreed, adding: ”It’s not the fact he said no, cuz that’s okay.
”It’s the way there was no compliment or appreciation AT ALL. Just a laugh. way to make her feel good.”
”how do you lose a woman? you forget to cherish her,” someone else reminded.
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”He has someone else if he said no,” a person reckoned.
”Nothing wrong with being tired but the laughing etc hits deep. Dressed up for my ex and he laughed. Now I’m single,” a woman commented.

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