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Woman, 31, who stabbed mum’s neighbour in the heart before telling ex ‘I’ve just murdered someone’ is jailed

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A WOMAN who stabbed her mum’s neighbour in the heart before telling her ex: “I’ve just murdered someone” has been jailed.
Rebecca Louise Press, 31, killed dad-of-one Richard Marc Ash, 57, at a house in New Tredegar in July last year.
Rebecca Louise Press has been jailed for life4Rebecca Louise Press has been jailed for lifeCredit: WNSPress has now been jailed for life with a minimum of 20 years after admitting murder.
She originally denied the charge but changed the plea on the fifth day of her trial.
A second charge of actual bodily harm against her mum Michelle by headbutting her will lie on the file.
Richard’s parents today spoke of their torment at losing their “gentle, loving, generous” son.
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They said in a victim impact statement: “Since his death in such traumatic circumstances we have been devastated, to say we are missing him would be a great understatement.
“We have found normal everyday life very burdensome, feeling really isolated and unable to cope. Due in no small way to our grief as well as our age (82) and disabilities.
“We both feel that whatever happens during the court procedure nothing will bring our ray of sunshine back to his family.
“We are absolutely heartbroken and miss every hair on his head.”

Cardiff Crown Court heard how boozed-up Press used a kitchen knife to stab Richard while she was high on drugs.
She then left her ex-boyfriend Ashley Allen a voicemail message.
It said: “Ash, it’s really bad. It’s really f***ing bad. I’ve just stabbed someone and killed them.
“I’ve just murdered someone, please phone me back.”
Richard’s stab wound almost exactly matched the full 7.5cm length of the blade up to the handle.
The weapon was plunged into his chest and pierced his heart – causing Richard to suffer a cardiac arrest from loss of blood and die.
Richard, who was “best friends” with Press’ mum, had spent the day drinking with the two women and some neighbours in Michelle’s garden while watching the rugby.
He then went to the pub with Press, who became aggressive and claimed he had locked her in a toilet.
When Richard left to walk back to Michelle’s home, she followed and a row broke out between her and her brother.
Press headbutted her mum and cut her – causing Richard to ring 999.
He told them: “It’s all kicking off here at the moment.
“I’m in my neighbour’s house.
“There are two people who are not wanted in here and they have assaulted people.”
When officers arrived minutes later, he had already been stabbed.
The court was told he “paid the price with his life” after attempting to calm the situation down.
After knifing Richard, Press burst into her mum’s room and told her: “I’ve f***ing stabbed your best friend”.
She then fled the home and hid in an overgrown area as paramedics battled to save Richard’s life.
After police found her, she “feigned surprise”, asking officers: “Have I murdered someone?”
A health care professional who examined Press at the police station was shocked at how “oddly calm and jovial” she was.
Tests revealed she had benzodiazepines – a sedative medication – in her system as well as MDMA and traces of THC, which is found in cannabis.
In a prepared statement to detectives, Press claimed Richard became “aggressive” towards her.
She said: “I picked up the closest item to me which was the knife and hit him with it.
“I didn’t intend to stab him in the chest but I accept that is what I did.
“I had no intention to kill Mark I was acting in self defence.
“Mark is a six foot plus man and a lot bigger and stronger than me.
“I was genuinely in fear for my safety.”
Press admitted stabbing Richard and assaulting her mother but denied murder and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
She changed her plea mid-way through the trial.
Millie Davies of the Crown Prosecution Service said: “Rebecca Press killed Marc Ash, her mother’s neighbour and best friend, in a senseless act of gratuitous violence whilst under the influence of drink and drugs.
“During the course of the evidence being presented to the jury by the CPS, Press decided to change her plea, pleading guilty to murder.
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“Marc Ash was simply trying to help a friend in distress, a decision which tragically cost him his life. Our thoughts remain with his family and friends.”
Press knifed Richard in the heart4Press knifed Richard in the heartCredit: WNSShe also allegedly headbutted her mum4She also allegedly headbutted her mumCredit: WNSPress had taken drugs before the horror4Press had taken drugs before the horrorCredit: WNS
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