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Woman, 30, sold gun to violent gangster in Aldi car park to fund her luxurious lifestyle

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A WOMAN sold a gun to a violent gangster in an Aldi car park to fund her luxorious lifestyle, a court has heard.
Fiona Crooks and her boyfriend Vincent Horsfall had legitimately bought the gun before flogging it to a man convicted of drug dealing, kidnapping, and inflicting grievous bodily harm.
Fiona Crooks has been jailed for two years4Fiona Crooks has been jailed for two yearsCredit: FacebookShe and her Vincent Horsfall sold a gun to a criminal4She and her Vincent Horsfall sold a gun to a criminalCredit: Merseyside PoliceThey advertised the .41 caliber Colt Thunderer revolver handgun online4They advertised the .41 caliber Colt Thunderer revolver handgun onlineCredit: Merseyside PoliceA second gun was found at her home4A second gun was found at her homeCredit: Merseyside PoliceLiverpool Crown Court was told they sold the firearm to fund “cosmetic dental work” and Crooks encouraged Horsall to do so, so “they could enjoy the trappings of a luxurious lifestyle”.
Cops found a second gun in Crook’s home when they raided the Liverpool property where she lived with her daughter and Horsfall in September 2021.
They were caught out when Cops spotted an advertisement .41 caliber Colt Thunderer revolver handgun on a website called Gunstar for £2,100 in April 2021, reports The Liverpool Echo.
Crooks and Horsall then met in the car park of Lidl, where Horsall handed over the gun.
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But later that evening he was pulled over by armed police, who found the weapon in the glove compartment alongside £25,000 in cash.
Cops discovered Horsfall’s DNA on the gun.
Later that year, Crooks and Horsall took a trip to Tenerife – and while they were away cops fitted their car with a recording device.
The pair were heard talking about the transaction with the man.

Horsall was heard saying: “He’ll defo buy it if he’s doing drugs and that. Even if he just bought it to sell on and make a profit.”
On September 1, 2021, search warrants were executed at Crooks’ home.
Police discovered a second loaded gun during the raid beside kids wellington boots.
Simon Gledhill, defending Horsall told the court: “While there were fantasies about what they might do if they had excess money, the reality is quite different – he knows he should never have gone down this route, but he set off down this route from need rather than greed.
“He has tried to use his time in prison productively as he can. He has an eye to his release and obtaining legitimate employment so as to not find any reason to appear before these courts in future.
“In short, he has learned from this terrible experience. He is very sorry for having become involved in this situation and essentially involving Ms Crooks in this situation, and for the harm his actions potentially could have caused.”
Paul Becker, appearing on Crook’s behalf said: “There is clearly a significant difference in their roles.
“The defendant is a comparatively young lady of previous good character. She was in a bad place with her mental health at the time and obviously made a serious error of judgement.
“She has expressed sincere regret and remorse for her very serious offending. She should be given a chance – she is a young lady who has made a serious error of judgement, but everyone is entitled to a second chance.”
Horsfall admitted selling a firearm, possession of a firearm and ammunition and three counts of fraud and was jailed for six years and nine months. 
Meanwhile Crooks was given two years after pleading guilty to intentionally encouraging the commission of an offence.
Sentencing, Judge Garrett Byrne said: “Firearms can be used to maim and kill. This city has recently suffered a spate of shootings, resulting in the deaths of young people and even children.
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“The firearm was sold not only to a man with a criminal record, but a man with a leading role in an organised crime group and dealing with the trafficking of class A drugs. You must have known full well there was a high probability that gun you supplied him with would have been used for criminal purposes.
To Crooks, he added: “You did this out of greed, for cash to be able to afford cosmetic dental work among other things. You encouraged him whole heartedly in all his criminality.”

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