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Will it snow on Christmas Day? Map reveals odds for white stuff to fall – will your home turn into a winter wonderland?

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A MAP has revealed which cities in the UK are the “most likely” to get snow this Christmas Day.
Christmas is now firmly on the horizon and a plunge in temperatures has seen arctic conditions batter the nation during the festive period.
Overnight snow in County Durham today2Overnight snow in County Durham todayCredit: PA2And aside from wonderful presents and lots of food, there’s one thing at the top of everyone’s wish list at this time of year– a white Christmas.
According to Online Betting Guide (OLBG), the odds of a white Christmas in 2022 have recently strengthened, meaning a 55% chance of seeing a white Christmas this year.
Glasgow and Edinburgh are unsurprisingly the outright favourites to see snow on Christmas Day with both having a chance of 25%.
This is followed by Newcastle and Belfast with these cities both seeing a 20% of the white stuff.
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Leeds and Liverpool are some of the big cities in England which have a 17% chance of getting snow on December 25.
If you live in the likes of Birmingham and London then there is a slightly less chance of waking up to snow on Christmas.
The midlands city has a 15% chance of the white stuff while the capital comes in at 14%.
At the lower end, Manchester and Bristol have a chance of snow standing at 13% and 12% respectively.

Jake Ashton, a weather betting expert from OLBG, said: “There’s a 55 percent chance that we see a white Christmas this year with bookies making it 4/5 that we see snow on Christmas Day.
“The odds have stayed consistent after a chilly last couple of weeks has continued with snow expected to fall in the UK this week.”
However, the Met Office have said that they cannot confirm the chances of white Christmas just yet.
The weather service adds that it can accurately forecast if snow is likely on any given Christmas Day up to five days beforehand.
So we may have to wait a little longer to know for sure if 2022 will see a white Christmas.
When most people think of a white Christmas, they picture blankets of snow covering hillsides for miles around.
In fact, the special day can be white if at least one solitary snowflake falls in a specific location during the 24 hours of Christmas day, according to the Met Office.

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