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We went to ‘UK’s most disappointing Christmas market’ with handful of rubbish stalls & terrible mulled wine

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A COUPLE have dubbed a Christmas market the “most disappointing” in the UK after arriving to find a handful of rubbish stalls and terrible mulled wine.
Arnie Mak and his partner had their festive moods crushed when they started wandering through the Oxford market.
Arnie Mak took to Tiktok to share what he has called the 'most disappointing' Christmas market3Arnie Mak took to Tiktok to share what he has called the ‘most disappointing’ Christmas marketCredit: TikTok/@arniemakThere was just a handful of stalls at the Christmas market, and sh*t mulled wine3There was just a handful of stalls at the Christmas market, and sh*t mulled wineCredit: TikTok/@arniemakHe said there was there no “Christmas vibe” at the Broad Street event and that he wouldn’t recommend anyone heading along.
Arnie snapped clips, which showed a massive lit-up Christmas tree and reindeer towering over the near-empty market.
He took to Tiktok to share his experience – with a song titled Sad Christmas playing over the clip.
Words sprawled across the video: “Most disappointing Christmas market at Broad St, Oxford.
I was horrified at the cost of a tiny bag of pick and mix sweets at Xmas MarketsI went to rip-off London Christmas market & spent £5 on measly potatoes
“It just don’t have any Christmas vibe.
“Mulled wine was sh*t, but the Bockwurst is okay.”
While festive lights could be seen draped over the small market stalls, there weren’t many people walking around – and no queues in sight.
The video was captioned: “Worst Christmas Market I have been!”

It also included hashtags like “do not recommend”, “disappointment” and “overrated”.
Many have shared their experiences with underwhelming festive markets this season.
Some slammed Winter Wonderland in London as a total rip-off after paying £20 for a hotdog and pint.
Others said they paid £7 for a potato and £8 for candy floss and the massive event.
Some festival-goers said they coughed up £20 for a beer and sausage in Newcastle.
One woman said she even splashed £5 on measly potatoes at a London market – and said they weren’t as good as Aunt Bessies.
Arnie said he wouldn't recommend people visit the market3Arnie said he wouldn’t recommend people visit the marketCredit: TikTok/@arniemak
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