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We went to the ‘WORST Christmas Market in Britain’ & it’s a total rip off – it cost £20 for a hotdog & a pint

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PEOPLE have slammed one of Britain’s Christmas markets as a complete rip off.
With the price of a hot dog and a pint averaging at £20, market goers in Manchester have branded the event “too expensive”.
Manchester Christmas market has been slammed4Manchester Christmas market has been slammedCredit: STEVE ALLENHeather and Gunther Veihl said the Christmas market shouldn't be 'so expensive'4Heather and Gunther Veihl said the Christmas market shouldn’t be ‘so expensive’Credit: STEVE ALLENOne of the biggest in the country, visitors have high hopes4One of the biggest in the country, visitors have high hopesCredit: STEVE ALLENOne of the largest in the country, visitors had high hopes – but some have said they need to “up their game” and lower their prices.
Heather Veihl, 62, was at the market with her husband Gunther, 70, who is originally from Germany.
She told The Sun Online: “I don’t think they should be so expensive, my husband’s German and the difference between the markets here and over there is night and day.
“In Germany it’s all about the festivities and here it’s all about the prices.”
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John Coffey, 61, had just finished eating a £7 German Bratwurst when he claimed you could buy a whole pack from Costco for that price.
“I’ve noticed that the prices have gone up, compared to last year,” he said.
“The Bratwurst was nice but it wasn’t £7’s worth – I could have got a whole packet of them for half of that in Costco.
“One of my friends spent £20 on a hot dog and a pint yesterday.

“I come here once a year if I can help it. It’s forced joy and it’s all about consumerism, ‘don’t be miserable come to the Christmas markets’ – if I come back £50 lighter, I’m lucky.”
Manchester’s market is spread out across the city and is home to the largest outdoor ice rink – which will set you back £17 for 45 minutes.
Sue Collins, 64, said she wasn’t impressed with what Manchester had to offer.
She said: “I tend to come to the Christmas markets once a year and Manchester’s used to be nice as it used to have all the food outlets in one place, now it’s just all too spread out and expensive.
“I’ve recently came back from Poland and the Christmas Markets there were fantastic – I won’t be describing Manchester’s as fantastic.”
George Rothwell, 28, said the “badly laid out markets” shouldn’t charge so much.
“Considering how badly laid out these markets are I’m surprised they charge the prices they do,” he added.
“It’s a rip off and I believe Birmingham’s markets are better, it’s such a shame because the city has a lot going for it but they need to lower their prices and up their game.”
With many struggling to afford any kind of festive fun this year due to the cost of living crisis, more people are avoiding Christmas markets.
Aryan Frahmand, 37, was walking past and said: “I will be avoiding Manchester’s Christmas markets at all costs, they are just too expensive.
“I won’t be buying anything from there especially with the current economic crisis that we’re all facing, and the cost of living rising – I would not go in there.”
Winter Wonderland in London was recently bashed for charging £7 for a potato and £8 for candyfloss.
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Many customers were left not wanting to return to Hyde Park after price hikes saw hot dogs costing an eye-watering £10.50 and fish and chips on sale for £14.
And one woman blasted the festive market after she spent £27 to go on the big wheel.
One person said the market is 'all about the prices'4One person said the market is ‘all about the prices’Credit: STEVE ALLEN
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