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We live on the UK’s ‘BEST’ street – it’s a paradise by the sea…here’s why we’re better than the rest of the country

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LOCALS living on the UK’s best street have branded it a paradise by the sea.
The houses in a Wales cul-de-sac have been known to catch the eyes of visitors because of how “beautiful” they are.
Houses on a Welsh cul-de-sac have been branded 'beautiful'3Houses on a Welsh cul-de-sac have been branded ‘beautiful’Credit: AthenaLocals say developers gave them a colour palette when they bought their properites3Locals say developers gave them a colour palette when they bought their properitesCredit: AthenaSince the estate was built 15 years ago, Llanon residents chose to have the outside of their homes painted in bright colours.
Home owner Rochelle Williams, 30, said tourists always comment on the stunning properties.
The mum-of-one told The Sun: “It must seem a bit unusual to people coming here for the first time, but you soon get used to it.
“Visitors always comment on how beautiful the houses look.
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“I’ve lived here for four years and wouldn’t change a single thing.”
“When you buy a place, the developer gives you a colour palette and you choose your colour. Literally any colour you want.
“Some go for daring, bold colours and others – like me – prefer something gentler like my pale blue exterior.
“But it’s down to individual taste. There’s a colour for everyone and if you choose one and don’t like it, or tire of it, well, you can just repaint it in a different colour.”

A pensioner, who didn’t want to be named, has been living in his bright green house for nine years.
The 72-year-old said: “I chose the colour of this house off a palette given to me by the developer before I moved in.
“I could have chosen pretty much any colour I fancied but I’ve always felt calmed by this colour.
“I doubt I’ll ever change it. But maybe I’ll give it a refresh soon because the salt spray on the wind off the sea degrades it.”
A former businessman, 54, who has lived in Australia, said Ceredigion is the best place he’s ever been to.
He said: “I wanted to live somewhere peaceful by the sea and for me, this is paradise.
“The beautiful colours are a lovely bonus. I love the fact that people aren’t afraid to show a bit of imagination here.
“The whole estate is beautiful, colourful and you can also see the sea.
“I take my son to the beach which is 500 yards away. When I bought the house, the colour it was painted in was exactly what I wanted – light blue.
“I have lived in Australia, been to places like Haiti and lived throughout the UK, but Ceredigion is the best place I’ve ever been.”
He also told how the homes are really popular with locals wanting to live there.
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He said: “The houses here are so sought-after that they were all sold before they’d even been built.
“I had to wait two years for mine to move into. I was going to put an offer to buy the yellow house but one thing that put me off is the lack of solar panels.”
One resident said the village is better than Australia3One resident said the village is better than AustraliaCredit: Athena
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