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We live in one of England’s most ‘stressful’ cities – people say we’re mad to settle here but we love it… here’s why

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RESIDENTS of one of the UK’s ‘most stressful’ cities have insisted that they love where they live.
Locals of Hull, Yorkshire, said that they don’t see why it was ranked in the top three of a recent stress survey and that they “like the atmosphere” of the city.
Carlo and Jean say they love living in Hull3Carlo and Jean say they love living in HullCredit: MEN MediaJohn Taylor said that 'every town has its issues'3John Taylor said that ‘every town has its issues’Credit: MEN MediaA study by Abbeycare Group, a residential rehab provider, ranked Hull behind only Blackpool, Lancashire, and Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
The results were based on metrics including the percentage of smokers by area, anxiety levels, average hours worked per week and the number of people who have never worked from home.
However, residents disagreed with the findings when asked by Hull Daily Mail.
Khrizza, who works as a nurse in the local A&E department, said: “I don’t find it stressful living here. People here are friendly.
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“To de-stress I go for a walk around town. I like the atmosphere in Hull. It’s quiet.”
Fellow local Carlo Colombari, who has lived with his partner Jean in the city centre for ten years, said: “We love it here.
“We travel a lot. There’s a lot worse places than Hull. I read a lot, reading calms me down.”
Jean added: “There’s a lot going on in Hull if people go out and look and open their eyes…People here are so friendly.”

Before moving to the city, the couple used to live in Hornsea, Yorkshire, which they called “boring”.
Meanwhile, John Taylor, who lives just outside Hull, said: “Everyone’s under stress. It’s unnecessary stress. Every town has its issues.
“I try to get myself to happy places and meet nice people just to give me that lift. About 90 per cent of people here are pleasant.”
Hull’s high position on the table of stressful cities was based on Abbeycare’s findings that 75 per cent of residents have never worked from home, as well as high levels of anxiety and low life satisfaction reported in their surveys.
Hull was ranked as the UK's third most stressful city by Abbeycare Group3Hull was ranked as the UK’s third most stressful city by Abbeycare GroupCredit: Alamy
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