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Watch dramatic moment lone Ukrainian troop ambushes Russian tank and blows it to bits with rocket launcher

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THIS is the incredible moment a Ukrainian paratrooper emerged from his hiding place and single-handedly obliterated a Russian tank.
Drone footage shows the brave soldier unleashing a guided missile onto the T-80 main battle tank from just a few feet away as it drove along a dirt track.
Footage shows the lone soldier emerge from a row of trees3Footage shows the lone soldier emerge from a row of treesCredit: TwitterHe then blasts the Russian tank with a guided missile3He then blasts the Russian tank with a guided missileCredit: TwitterIt triggers a series of explosions as ammo inside detonates3It triggers a series of explosions as ammo inside detonatesCredit: TwitterThe fearless soldier stepped out to defend Ukraine despite another Russian tank appearing to point directly at him.
Footage shows the armoured vehicle passing a row of trees when suddenly a Ukrainian troop who had been hiding within them steps out.
He then shoulders his anti-tank guided missile and blasts it.
It strikes the tank instantly – sending plumes of thick smoke billowing into the air as flames erupt.
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The tank keeps on rolling, but then suffers a series of explosions as ammunition inside detonates – sending bits of the tank flying across the track.
The 95th Air Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian Air Assault Force, which released the clip, said: “A fighter of the 1st Airborne Assault Battalion of the 95th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade destroyed an enemy tank at close range.
“Every day, the soldiers of the Armed Forces risk their lives, demonstrate courage and heroism, and step by step liberate our land from the Russian invaders.
“Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Air Assault Forces! Together to victory!”

It comes as humiliated Putin continues to suffer major setbacks in Ukraine after arrogantly believing he could sweep in and take the country within days.
Ukraine on Sunday claimed Russia had suffered its deadliest day yet on the frontline after almost 1,000 soldiers were killed in just 24 hours.
It takes the total number of slaughtered Russian soldiers up to 71,200.
Kyiv also claimed to have successfully obliterated 52 armoured personnel vehicles, 13 tanks and one cruise missile on the same day.
Last month, the Russian President announced the partial mobilisation of his country, calling up at least 300,000 men.
Putin then said he would happily sacrifice 20 million soldiers to ensure he could win in Ukraine and secure his future in the Kremlin.
And he is now resorting to desperate measures to try and keep a victory within his grasp.
Meanwhile, besieged Russian troops have resorted to eating abandoned zoo animals in war-torn Ukraine, according to locals.
Volunteer rescue workers arrived in the liberated village of Yampil on October 10 to discover a zoo littered with the bodies of dead animals.
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Ten days after the town was freed from Russian occupation, the rescuers found bones and pieces of flesh.
It’s believed that a bison, a kangaroo, several donkeys, and ostriches were devoured by Putin’s starving troops.

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