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Vladimir Putin ‘visited by doctors again after becoming weak & tired’, claims Kremlin ‘insider’

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VLADIMIR Putin has reportedly been visited by doctors again after becoming “weak & tired”, a so-called Kremlin insider has claimed.
The tyrant, 70, is rumoured to be unwell – with the claims being fuelled by his bloated face and trembling legs.
Vladimir Putin looks grim on a recent video conference1Vladimir Putin looks grim on a recent video conferenceCredit: AFPBombshell spy documents leaked to The Sun appeared to confirm he has pancreatic cancer and early-stage Parkinson’s disease.
And just this weekend, the former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, told us that he believes Vlad is likely suffering from an illness.
Telegram channel General SVR – which claims to be fed information by a Kremlin insider – has been pumping out unverified information since the start of the war.
It is fuelling the ongoing speculation that something is very wrong with Russian leader Vlad.

And its latest claim was Putin has been visited by doctors after becoming “weak and tired” after an event in Volgograd.
Putin continues to make limited public appearances – often now preferring to chair meeting by video link.
And he is cancelled a number of key appearances over the last few months, but has appeared recently at events marking the anniversary of the Siege of Stalingrad.
General SVR reported that Putin “did not have fun” during his meetings and public appearances on the visit.

“By evening, Putin was very tired and felt weak, doctors were invited to see him,” it reported.
“After the next course of therapy, the president has not yet come into shape, and it is not yet clear whether he will come at all.”
Reports of Putin’s ill health have never been definitively verified but rumour and intrigue surrounds Vlad.
And there is the ongoing question of who could replace him?
Putin has been seen to be twitchy, unsteady on his feet, and out of breath on occasion.
And his future is believed to be tied to his invasion’s success or failure.
Putin has been warned he could face an internal uprising unless he manages to achieve something in Ukraine.
He had foolishly expected to steamroller Ukraine and for his soldiers to be welcomed as “liberators” – but they have faced a fierce fightback.
Cities and regions seized at the start of the war at the end of February are now being retaken by the Ukrainians.
The West is heavily supporting Kyiv – loading them up with the weapons they need to defeat Russia.
But there is fears Russia is gathering for a huge offensive to coincide with the anniversary of the war on February 24.
It is believed up to 500,000 soldiers could be preparing for the assault across two fronts in eastern Ukraine.
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And yesterday, Putin’s close pal Dmitry Medvedev warned – in certain circumstances – the Russians could use nukes on Ukraine.

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