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Ukraine news LATEST: Vladimir Putin ‘weakened’ by war but tyrant will cling on to power despite ‘catastrophic errors’

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Putin’s ‘hands turning black’ as dictator’s health is questioned once again
Putin’s hands appear to be turning black and may suggest he’s very ill, a former British Army chief said.
Putin’s health has long been the source of speculation, with Kremlin insiders saying his health is “sharply deteriorating”.
Now Lord Richard Dannatt has said the strange marks and colouration seen on the back of the Russian tyrant’s hands could suggest he is receiving injections.
Speaking to Sky News, he said: “Keen observers now are noticing that his hands are looking pretty black on top, which is a sign of injections going in when other parts of the body can’t take injections.
“It’s interesting to note that, and just to watch whether he is as fit and well as he would like to portray. It’s an interesting area to keep an eye on.”
It comes as emails from a Russian intelligence source, seen by The Sun Online, appear to confirm he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and pancreatic cancer.

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