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Ukraine news latest — Putin’s puppet dismisses demands for withdrawal before Xmas as UK sanctions 12 Russian generals

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UK’s new sanctions unveiled to Parliament
Foreign Secretary James Cleverly has told Parliament about the move to sanction 12 Russian military officers who are in command of troops where atrocities have taken place in Ukraine.
Labour’s Chris Elmore (Ogmore) asked: “In her recent visit to Parliament the first lady of Ukraine (Olena Zelenska) highlighted that Russia soldiers had carried out sexual violence including rape on Ukrainian women with the consent of their commanders. Under the UN international law, as he will be aware, the use of rape in combat is a war crime.
“Could the Foreign Secretary specifically set out what he’ll be doing on the diplomatic stage to ensure that when the war is over or indeed before, that those soldiers who’ve committed those crimes and those officers who authorised that disgusting and heinous rapes towards women are dealt with in the International Criminal Court?”
James Cleverly replied: “I had the opportunity, the privilege to speak with the first lady at the preventing sexual violence conference that we hosted in London recently. I can inform him and the House that this morning we designated 12 more Russian military officers who are in command of Russian troops where atrocities have taken place.
“We work closely with the Ukrainian chief prosecutor, the International Criminal Court and our international allies on ensuring there is an accountability framework that is effective from the people on the ground who are perpetrating these crimes directly, through those officers who are ordering them to do so, right up to and including Vladimir Putin himself, ultimately who is responsible for this – vile acts that are taking place because of his invasion of Ukraine.”

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