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Two dead after planes crash in mid-air disaster as witnesses see debris fall from the sky in Australia

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TWO men have been killed after a plane and a glider crashed mid-air.
Emergency services rushed to the scene at a farm in Queensland, Australia, following the smash.
Two men have died following the crash2Two men have died following the crashCredit: 7NEWSEmergency services at the scene in Kybong, Queensland2Emergency services at the scene in Kybong, QueenslandCredit: 7NEWSA light plane and a glider aircraft collided before plummeting to the ground in Kybong, according to local reports.
The pilot of each aircraft died following the crash, police confirmed.
One witness said he heard a “big bang” before debris fell to the ground.
He told 7News: “We thought that didn’t sound like a gunshot, and we looked up and saw white bits of plane falling out of the sky.
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“It was already broken up. I didn’t see much of the second plane.”
Police say the glider took off from a local gliding club. It is unclear where the plane came from.
Queensland police inspector Brad Inskip said: “It’s a small, little regional gliding club; they all know each other.
“So this is going to hit the community very hard, especially those clubs involved, for sure.”

Police are investigating the cause of the crash, which happened at about 2.50pm local time (4.50am GMT).
Inspector Inskip added: “We’ve got two scenes in a paddock nearby, they are approximately 200 metres apart and spread across a bit of a distance,
“This is a tragic incident, and quite a graphic scene left there for all the emergency services.
“The evidence is pointing towards the fact that each aircraft likely had a single male occupant and both males are deceased.
“We will be looking into the possibility that there was a collision mid-air, but it’s very early days and we’re really not sure.”

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