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Twisted murderer who killed and decapitated model told to ‘rot in hell’ by her family after dying in jail

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THE family of an ex-model who was murdered and decapitated by a twisted paedo hopes he will “rot in hell” following his death in prison.
Heather Stacey’s family are celebrating after evil Alan Cameron, 68, died at HMP Edinburgh earlier this week.
Evil Alan Cameron5Evil Alan CameronHeather Stacey5Heather StaceyTim and his family was devastated when Cameron's sentence was cut5Tim and his family was devastated when Cameron’s sentence was cutThe monster had butchered Heather and hid her body for a year before scattering the mum’s body parts in public places around the city.
Tim Stacey, 60, said he hopes warped murderer Alan Cameron “rots in hell” after he collapsed with suspected chest pain and passed away in his cell.
Monster Cameron, 68 — who groomed fiance Heather before butchering her in 2007 and dumping her head and body in bags — is said to have complained of breathing trouble shortly before he died.
A bid to revive him by staff and medics at Edinburgh’s Saughton nick failed.

Tim claimed the fiend — who preyed on mum-of-four Heather as she fought back from years of alcohol abuse and depression — got what was coming to him.
He added: “I’ve got nothing but joy in my heart to see him dead.
“I’m so pleased that he’s off this world and that he can’t do damage to anybody else now.
“I just have pure hatred for the man. I lost my sister, but her children have been deprived of a loving mother.

“He’s in the f******* best place he could be.”
Sources claimed Cameron suddenly took ill on Tuesday afternoon. One insider revealed: “The guy just dropped dead. He was a horrible b******.
“Apparently he was complaining about his breathing and chest pains before he went in his cell.
“He must have hit the deck at around 2pm. All the other prisoners were locked up so staff could deal with it. They went in trying to resuscitate him but he died.”
Dad-of-two Cameron was serving at least 14 years behind bars for slaughtering Heather and keeping her decomposing body stashed at her Edinburgh flat for a year — before scattering the remains in public places around the capital.
The convicted paedophile was found guilty of murder and claiming £5,000 of Heather’s benefits while hiding her rotting corpse.
He was originally banged up for a minimum of 25 years, but had his sentence dramatically reduced on appeal.
Heather’s head was discovered in an Ikea bag by a dog walker in Edinburgh’s Newhaven area on Hogmanay 2008.
More of her remains were found dumped in bags at other locations in the north of the city.
Dad-of-two Cameron, who admitted hiding the body, claimed she had died of natural causes.
But he had killed her between November 29 and December 11, 2007, then sent messages from her phone pretending to be from her.
Disgusted Tim said the monster had taken advantage of his sister during a turbulent time and manipulated her before ending her life.
He added: “She got a place in Edinburgh to try and get herself straight and get a job.
“She was a good-looking girl and there would have been no way she’d have been with him.
“He was feeding her drinking habit, grooming her. He had total manipulation over her.”
Tim recalled how baffled family lost contact with Heather, but believed she must simply have relocated.
He said: “Suddenly, she just disappeared from the face of the earth.
“We were trying to get hold of her but she’d moved. We were wondering why she wasn’t communicating and why voicemails went unanswered.
“It eventually started up again. But we now know that he had her phone.
“He started replying to the kids so they were thinking their mum was alright — but all the time she was dead. It was horrendous when all the details came out during the trial.”
Cameron was found guilty of murder by a jury at the High Court in Livingston after a five-day trial in 2010.
It later emerged he’d been jailed for six-and-a-half years in 1995 for committing nine sexual offences against three young girls.
He was still on the sex offenders register when he killed Heather at her home in the capital.
But it may never be known exactly how Cameron — described as a fantasist and a liar — murdered his partner because her remains were so decomposed.
The slaying came just weeks after Cameron and Heather had visited her mum, Elizabeth McNally, to announce their engagement.
Tim said: “I’d never met Alan Cameron but she’d brought him to the house to meet the family one day.
“There was something weird about him. He was much older than my sister.
“And he appeared quite controlling. I just wanted to snap his neck in two when all the stuff came out during the trial.”
A judge had told Cameron he treated his vulnerable victim “like a piece of rubbish” when he was sentenced to life in prison.
Then, in March 2011, judges at Edinburgh’s Court of Criminal Appeal found that his original, 25-year punishment part had been “excessive” and reduced it by 11 years.
They ruled that because the cause of Heather’s death had not been established, the jail term could not be more than the minimum in “normal” murder cases.
Her family said they were left devastated by the decision.
Tim, who runs a security firm in Somerset, added: “I’m a big fan of capital punishment.
“But we don’t have it in this country. He should have been the first on the list.
“It was such a travesty of justice what happened to Heather. I lost my sister, and children lost their mother, while his comeuppance was slashed by 40 per cent. When his sentence was cut to 14 years I was so disappointed in the judicial system.
“So, news of his death is music to my ears, to be honest with you.”Cops said Cameron’s death was being treated as “unexplained” but was not believed to be suspicious.
A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We were made aware of the death of a 68-year-old man in HMP Edinburgh on Tuesday, November 1.
“The death is being treated as unexplained but is not believed to be suspicious. A report will be submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.”
The Scottish Prison Service said they don’t comment on individuals.
Monster Cameron died at HMP Edinburgh5Monster Cameron died at HMP EdinburghMugshot of twisted Cameron5Mugshot of twisted CameronWe pay for your stories and videos! Do you have a story or video for The Scottish Sun? Email us at or call 0141 420 5200

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