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Terrifying moment giant SHARK stalks prey just feet from horrified swimmers on busy Dubai beach

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THIS is the terrifying moment a giant shark stalked its prey a few feet from horrified swimmers.
Holidaymakers in Dubai were taking a dip in the sea when the prowling predator paid a visit.
A shark was spotted off the coast of Dubai2A shark was spotted off the coast of DubaiCredit: Jam Press VidA lifeguard desperately tried to warn the woman2A lifeguard desperately tried to warn the womanCredit: Jam Press VidSpotted off the coast of Kite Beach in the Persian Gulf the shark was searching the waters close to Qatar where the World Cup is taking place.
In terrifying scenes, video footage captures the shark swimming along the shoreline – which is popular with kite surfers.
It appears to head towards a woman swimming on her own.
A lifeguard can then be heard desperately trying to alert her before the shark creeps closer.
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As the helpless swimmer notices the imminent threat she slowly steps to the side before paddling away – all while checking over her shoulder.
The shark’s fin edges closer to the shore as the woman and another swimmer make their way to safety.
The incident was shared to TikTok and received over seven million views.
One user said: “She did the perfect thing by not splashing around.

“She didn’t make the shark chase her.”
Meanwhile another added: “The best thing you can do is not panic.”
However someone commented: “I never get why people like to swim out so far off beach.”
Another joked: “Bro why is everyone chill as f***.”
Tourists revisited the beach after the sighting and said it was the only one that day.
Beachgoers are only allowed to swim in the sea until sunset because of potential shark threats.
It comes after a teenager from New Zealand died after being attacked by a shark.
Kaelah Marlow, 19, suffered a fatal single bite when she was attacked by a 9ft great white shark.

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