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Shocking moment reckless dad risks BABY daughter’s life by taking her on dangerous motorbike ride through busy streets

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THIS is the shocking moment a reckless dad risks his baby daughter’s life by taking her on a dangerous motorbike ride.
Video footage shows James Giles weaving through traffic in the busy streets with his 16-month-old baby precariously perched in front of him.
James Giles was jailed after footage of him speeding with his baby daughter in front went viral2James Giles was jailed after footage of him speeding with his baby daughter in front went viralCredit: MEN MediaThe reckless dad had risked his baby's life while driving on the busy streets2The reckless dad had risked his baby’s life while driving on the busy streetsCredit: MEN MediaGiles, 24, was also captured on a motorist’s dashcam, flying down a cycle lane and undertaking vehicles with his daughter on board.
Although we have blurred the toddler, she can clearly been seen sitting on the front of the bike while sucking a dummy.
Giles, of Crane Road, Kingswood, dropped off his daughter after about five minutes, before continuing to drive dangerously in the streets of Hull.
In the footage, he nearly crashes into a motorbike after recklessly running a red light.
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And he is also seen speeding along as he overtakes cars and at one point even pulls off a wheelie.
Giles was jailed earlier this month after admitting dangerous driving and exposing a child under two to harm or danger, with neither him or his daughter wearing a helmet.
The reckless father admitted he had no explanation for his crazy decision to take his baby daughter out on the bike.
The CCTV and the dashcam footage were played in court.

During his sentencing on January 16, Stephen Robinson, prosecuting, told Hull Crown Court: “The defendant attempted to do a wheelie and was speeding.
“He nearly crashed into a motorcycle after going through a red light.”
Mr Robinson read out a statement from the driver who said: “I saw the man riding with a child, who must have been no older than two with a dummy in her mouth.
“I was very angry by what I had seen. I posted the video on social media and I reported it to police a couple of days later.”
By this stage, Giles was aware of the viral video circulating and voluntarily handed himself into police.
Giles had no previous convictions and pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity, reports Hull Live.
In a statement, the father told officers: “I made a very big mistake that day”.
Benjamin Donnell, mitigating, told the court his client suffered from mental health issues and had submitted glowing character references from his mother, stepfather and a family friend.
He said: “My client accepts what he did that day was wholly unacceptable and grossly negligent. He knows there was no justification for what he did. While this was deliberate conduct, what he did was not designed to harm his child.
“When he was young his dad died in Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban. This has had a profound effect on his life. He suffers from depression and attention deficit disorder.”
Giles stopped taking prescribed medication, which had made him more impulsive and he had cleaned up his act and gained a job with a timber company.
Mr Donnell added: “There is no excuse for what he did but he is addressing his issues. We have a young man who has done something very wrong but he is remorseful and taking steps to address his difficulties.”
Judge Kate Rayfield accepted the mitigation but told Giles prison was unavoidable due to the serious nature of the offence.
She said: “You made a decision to put your 16-month-old child on the front of your off-road bike on a busy road with no helmet for either of you. It is hard to fathom what you were thinking when you put her on the bike.
“You then went on to ride the motorbike in a dangerous way and I have watched the footage as you weaved through traffic, went through a red light and undertook vehicles.
“It must have been obvious to you that you could have killed your daughter and you exposed her to such a dangerous risk. She was too young to understand the risks and, as her father, you had a duty to keep her safe which you did not.”
Judge Rayfield said she believed the public would expect her to impose an “appropriate sentence”.
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Giles collapsed in tears as he was handed his sentence of 16 months in jail.
The dad was also banned from driving for two years and eight months.

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