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Shock moment man ‘throws scalding hot drink in another customer’s face’ outside Pret after rowing over skinny latte

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THIS is the shocking moment two men hurled hot drinks at each other in a fight ‘over a skinny latte’ at Pret.
The dramatic scenes unfolded after one customer is said to have accused the other of taking his coffee.
This is the shocking moment men throw drinks at each other outside Pret after 'rowing over coffee'2This is the shocking moment men throw drinks at each other outside Pret after ‘rowing over coffee’Credit: KYJADEY – TIKTOKShared on TikTok by @kyjadey, the two men can be seen facing off in Pret before stalking outside to continue their argument.
Although nothing can be heard, the person filming the scene claims the row first unfolded when one took the other’s hot beverage.
They captioned the video: “These men arguing over whose skinny latte it was, and then agreed to take the fight outside.”
The clip, believed to have been filmed in a Pret branch in Highbury and Islington, North London, shows the men then walk outside.
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While one man, in a black coat, appears to start walking off, the second suddenly throws his drink at his back – appearing to have been a hot drink as a cloud of steam dissipates into the air.
This sparks the man in a black coat to turn around – returning fire and throwing his own beverage at his fellow Pret customer.
Gasps of shock came from customers inside the coffee shop – while outside observers stopped dead in their tracks to witness the commotion.
Dubbed “the most middle class brawl ever,” the video was shared on TikTok.

Onlooker @kyjadey took to social media to share the footage to her 337 followers.
The video, which racked up a whopping 139,000 likes, provided some laughs for this TikToker’s followers.
Viewers were entertained by the unfolding events, with one commenting: “Lmao they both wasted the skinny latte.”
Another added: “That solved it, they both still mad and nobody got the skinny latte, problem solved.”
The video was posted on January 30 and got more than 2,000 comments.
TikTok user @tommy22967 said: “This the most middle class fight ever, like idek what a skinny latte is.”
The store declined to comment on the events.
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The men decided to take it outside2The men decided to take it outsideCredit: KYJADEY – TIKTOK
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