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Shamima Begum’s school blazer is still hanging on door, mum says as she speaks for first time since daughter joined ISIS

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SHAMIMA Begum’s mum has revealed she still keeps her school blazer hanging up at home after she fled the UK to join ISIS in Syria.
Asma Begum broke her silence as she told how her world “fell apart” when her daughter left and that she still hopes the jihadi bride can return to Britain.
Shamima Begum fled her home in London to join ISIS in 20154Shamima Begum fled her home in London to join ISIS in 2015Credit: Anthony Loyd – The TimesBegum was 15 when she left her home in East London with two pals to join the bloodthirsty terror group.
Now aged 23, she is fighting the Home Office’s decision to remove her British citizenship as she languishes in a camp in Syria.
Asma told the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC): “My youngest daughter is even more present in my mind, the one I think about almost every hour of every day.
“When she left home in 2015, our worlds fell apart.”
Shamima knew what she was doing going to Syria, MI5 officer tells appealShamima may be 'welcomed back' after first ISIS bride allowed to return to UK
The mum-of-four said Begum’s blazer still hangs on the door of the family home in Bethnal Green, East London.
She also celebrates the jihadi bride’s birthday each year.
Asma explained: “On the last birthday she spent with us before she left, she did not want a cake but wanted a pizza with candles on it instead.
“She was so happy that day. On each of her birthdays since she left we order pizza and still celebrate her birthdays.

“It was always sad but we look forward to the birthday party we will have when she is back.”
Begum lived at the flat with her mum and three sisters after her dad moved to Bangladesh with his new wife.
Her bedroom remains the same with her drawers still full of her perfume and jewellery.
Asma told the hearing even her pyjamas are still folded “neatly” in the room she shared with her daughter.
Begum recently claimed she was just a “dumb kid” when she joined ISIS and “didn’t want to be the friend that was left behind”.
But her lawyers say there is “overwhelming evidence” she was “cynically recruited and groomed” before being trafficked into the war-ravaged country.
They said the Home Office had a legal duty to investigate whether this was the case when her citizenship was removed.
But an MI5 officer who led a team investigating the Islamist terror group’s activities in Syria and Iraq in 2019 dismissed the claims.
He said it was “inconceivable” that Begum “would not know what [ISIS] was doing as a terrorist organisation at this time”.
Begum wed an ISIS fighter and had three children, who have all since died.
But after the evil regime collapsed, she ended up in a refugee camp.
And soon after, then Home Secretary Sajid Javid stripped her of her UK citizenship to stop her from ever coming back. 
Begum has previously told how she had no regrets about joining the death cult and was not fazed by seeing discarded heads in bins.
She also told how she had sewn ISIS bombers into their suicide vests.
But she insists she had changed – claiming she was “young and naïve” when she decided to leave the UK and join ISIS.
In an interview last year, Begum moaned about not being able to watch the Friends reunion in the Al-Roj prison camp.
She also previously told how she spends her time watching ITV’s Good Morning Britain in her tent and binging blockbusters such as Men in Black.

Begum, who now wears Western-style clothing – including Nike baseball caps and tight jeans – reveals she enjoys playing charades and dancing to Shakira in Zumba classes.
The case continues.
Begum now wears Westernised clothing4Begum now wears Westernised clothingCredit: pixel8000She fled with her two school pals4She fled with her two school palsCredit: AFPBegum is now fighting to come back to the UK4Begum is now fighting to come back to the UKCredit: PA

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