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Shamima Begum Story: Viewers slam BBC for giving Jihadi bride 1hr30-long programme & threaten to cancel licences

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VIEWERS have slammed the BBC for giving airtime to Jihadi bride Shamima Begum in a one hour 30-minute long doc.
Many Brits have also threatened to cancel their TV licences after tonight’s showing of Shamima’s story.
The BBC have been blasted for giving Shamima Begum airtime4The BBC have been blasted for giving Shamima Begum airtimeCredit: PAThe one hour 30-minute doc aired tonight4The one hour 30-minute doc aired tonightCredit: AlamyThe ISIS bride fled the UK in 2015 to join the terrorist group4The ISIS bride fled the UK in 2015 to join the terrorist groupCredit: Sky NewsThe now 23-year-old doesn’t believe she should be prosecuted for being a member of ISIS.
Despite wanting to return to the UK, she said travelling to Syria nearly 10 years ago was “exciting”.
The broadcaster has now been blasted for being “disgraceful” after she appeared on people’s televisions in a fresh bid to get the country on her side.
Taking to Twitter, one user said: “Why are you giving Shamima Begum airtime?
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“She is a terrorist who was complicit in the deaths of many innocent people.”
Another added: “Why are the BBC giving Shamima Begum, a terrorist by association, airtime on our TV’s?
“Disgusting and utterly disgraceful!”
Meanwhile a third wrote: “[The] BBC are a disgrace too for airing this b******s, TV license for this they can both get f****d.”

Another also questioned why their TV licence fee was being spent on broadcasting the “terrorist animal”.
They said: “@BBC how dare you spend my licence fee to showcase the story of the terrorist animal who is Shamima Begum.
“Absolutely disgusting!! Wish I could cancel my TV licence.”
Shamima is currently living at Al-Roj prison camp following the collapse of ISIS “Caliphate”.
Refusing to accept responsibility for “other people’s actions”, the young woman said the terrorist acts carried out by the group would have happened regardless of her journey.
She was just 15 when she and two school pals snuck away from Bethnal Green, East London, in February 2015.
She told the BBC2 doc, in an interview monitored by Kurdish authorities, she was “in love” with ISIS and desperate to join.
The ISIS bride explained how she flew from Gatwick to Istanbul, where an ISIS handler waited with them for a bus.
Shamima claimed she didn’t know about the “atrocities” connected to the terrorist group when she fled the country.
However, even after watching horrific execution videos she didn’t change her mind about joining.
She said: “I just thought, there’s no turning back. I’ve already done it, I might as well see it through.”
She has begged to be allowed to return to the UK and has appealed against a decision to strip her of British citizenship.
Supporters claim she is a victim of trafficking – but the government says she went to Syria with her “eyes wide open” and is a danger to society.
Previous reports have claimed she was a member of the brutal ISIS religious police, carried an AK-47 on street patrols and sewed suicide bombers into their explosive vests.
She denies all the claims in the new BBC doc, claiming she was “just a housewife” who was rarely allowed outside.
However the film also reveals Shamima lived for seven months with a mysterious Egyptian who allegedly supplied ISIS with weapons.
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The ISIS bride claims she did not know his name – but also hails him as a “father figure” and says she does not believe he was a notorious arms dealer.
It is one of several scenes where she appears reluctant to admit the truth.
Shamima passing through security barriers at Gatwick Airport in 20154Shamima passing through security barriers at Gatwick Airport in 2015Credit: AFP
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