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Serial sex offender Gary Glitter’s release makes a mockery of justice

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Glitter’s gall
A NOTORIOUS monster is today back on the streets and once more posing a serious threat to our children.
Gary Glitter has shown not one ounce of remorse during the last eight years in prison.
Gary Glitter's release from jail after serving half his sentence makes a mockery of the justice system1Gary Glitter’s release from jail after serving half his sentence makes a mockery of the justice systemCredit: Getty Images – GettyHe has refused every attempt to engage him in sex offender treatment programmes behind bars.
But having served half his 16-year sentence for raping three girls under 13 he must — by law — be released into the community.
Because he was sentenced to a fixed term inside, he did not have to go before the Parole Board.
But parole chiefs CAN block a prisoner’s release if they believe they still pose a risk to the public.
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Glitter, surely, comes into that category.
Why, then, was he afforded the special treatment of being smuggled out of prison under cover of darkness?
And how on earth has he ended up at a bail hostel close to children’s playgrounds and with ten schools nearby?
Glitter has repeatedly laughed at the law.

We fear it is only a matter of time before this habitual sex predator offends again.
And causes yet more pain and misery to his victims.
What a cruel mockery of justice this is.
SLEEPY Joe Biden has been caught napping yet again.
With typical arrogance, China sent a massive “spy balloon” over US airspace to hover above top-secret nuclear bases.
We wouldn’t even know about this threat to security had the balloon not been photographed from the ground in Montana by an eagle-eyed punter.
Patronisingly, China told the Americans to stay “cool-headed” — before claiming it was a weather research balloon blown off course.
That Beijing feels confident enough to pull off such a stunt is a consequence of years of weak US foreign policy.
Biden had been preparing to send his Secretary of State Antony Blinken to meet President Xi this weekend.
Having failed to demonstrate the courage to shoot the balloon down, Biden has at least called that off.
The reality is that China is our enemy.
As with Putin’s Russia, the West appeases it at our peril.
Fight Blob mob
IT is troubling to watch the Whitehall Blob trying to bounce Dominic Raab out of his job without proper scrutiny of the claims against him.
Labour and the BBC demanded a sleaze investigator but now howl at the hold-up while the inquiry is completed.
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They can’t have it both ways.
Rishi Sunak should be in charge of who is in his Cabinet — not snowflake civil servants.

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