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Rishi Sunak on cusp of breakthrough Brexit deal following crunch talks in Northern Ireland

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RISHI Sunak is on the cusp of a breakthrough Brexit deal to end the chaos in Northern Ireland following crunch talks today.
The PM met with party leaders outside Belfast today ahead of unveiling his long-awaited blueprint to solve a bitter trade row with Brussels.
Rishi Sunak is on the cusp of a breakthrough Brexit deal1Rishi Sunak is on the cusp of a breakthrough Brexit dealChecks on goods crossing from Britain to the province have caused a nightmare for bosses while outraging unionist politicians furious about internal UK trade barriers. 
The dispute has led to paralysis in the province as the DUP collapsed the power-sharing arrangement in protest, meaning there is no functioning Parliament.
Mr Sunak has been working on a compromise to the Northern Ireland Protocol with the EU that all sides can swallow.
The all-important DUP said after talks with the PM today that “progress had been made across a range of areas”, fuelling hopes they will be on board.
Rishi Sunak visits NI amid speculation a post-Brexit trade deal is imminentPM must listen to his predecessor Liz Truss's warning and stand up to China
But leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson warned that there “still some areas where further work is required”.
Brexiteers have told Mr Sunak not to sell out to the EU and that he must end the rule of Euro judges. 
Senior DUP MP Sammy Wilson fumed Northern Ireland had been “abandoned to the EU” by Westminster and reiterated calls for Brussels rules to be scrapped from NI.
Former Tory Cabinet Minister David Jones said: “NI must cease to be subject to laws made in Brussels.  It’s as simple as that. Anything less won’t work.”

And fellow senior Conservative Sir John Redwood added: “The EU needs to stop imposing its laws and its court on Northern Ireland if it wants a deal on trade. The EU has undermined the Good Friday Agreement and prevented Stormont meeting.”
Following the talks today the nationalist Sinn Fein party said the mood music was positive. Party president Mary Lou McDonald said there were clear signs of progress on the Protocol and that it was “very much game on”.
She said “It’s clear now that significant progress has been made and we’re very heartened by that.
“I think we’ve all seen in recent weeks certainly an upping of the pace of political engagement and activity. That, to our mind, is a very, very positive thing.
“It’s absolutely necessary that there is intensive goodwill, good faith work done between the parties.”
Alliance leader Naomi Long said the PM was in “listening mode” but added: “It seems apparent that while he was not in a position to brief us about the details, that things are gradually moving in the direction of a potential deal.”
UUP boss Doug Beattie said: “We are in that position where we could have something next week, but it may be another couple of weeks yet.”

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