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Parents’ anger as school tells girls to ask for ‘red card passes’ while on their period to give them access to toilets

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A SECONDARY school has shocked parents and pupils after enacting a “red card pass” requirement for girls on their periods.
The new rule comes as the school is attempting to “maximise learning time” and cut down on toilet breaks during class.
The secondary school is facing backlash for it's "inhumane" rule3The secondary school is facing backlash for it’s “inhumane” ruleThe headteacher has defended the school's decision3The headteacher has defended the school’s decisionThe Penrice Academy in St. Austell has defended their decision to “minimise disruption during classes” and said the passes are only used during class time.
Headteacher Lucy Gambier commented: “Penrice students are welcome to use the toilet facilities at the start of the day, in between lessons, at breaktimes, lunchtimes, and at the end of the day.”
Assistant head teacher James Hammersley said: “We understand that girls cannot always plan for the arrival of their periods which may take place during lessons.
“With this in mind, girls can request red period pass cards via their tutors which they can keep in their bags to use when required.”
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Outraged parents have posted to local Facebook groups to express their frustrations.
Mum Kim Bailey wrote: “Any human, child or adult should be allowed to use the toilets at anytime.
“They are hardly going to say “please sir I have a touch of diarrhoea”. Or “please may I use the loo my periods have started”.
“If schools are all about care and nurturing children, some of these controlling and archaic rules need rethinking.”

Another mum pointed out that these rules “single students out” and are an “invasion of young girls’ privacy”.
The school has said they will allow students to use the facilities if they absolutely need to.
The school’s latest rule comes after another “no coat” rule was enforced in the school corridors.
Commenting on the “no coat” rule, Ms Gambier said: “We primarily ask that coats are removed once indoors so that students can represent the school with pride in their full uniform.”
The enforcement of such rules by schools has sparked fierce debate online.
One social media user said: “Girls just wont turn up for school at that time of the month for fear of the embarrassment through the day.”
Another mum piped in: “Let’s give them a red card the same colour as blood and single out the girls on their periods which is a natural cycle of life. That shouldn’t be ruled by anyone but the individual at any age.”
Another defended the school’s decision: “I’d be delighted if I were a parent here. A school actually acknowledging girls have periods and not handing these cards out to boys.”
A school in Bristol recently came under fire for limiting when students could use the toilets.
Pupils at Patchway Community School can now only go to the toilets during the morning break, lunchtime or at the end of school and parents have been appalled at the new policy.
One mum, Lucy Cox, whose 14-year-old daughter Katy attends Patchway, said that the school “failed” its students.
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She said: “Where else stops children from going to the toilet when they need to?
“It’s not only a right but it is also something which is a health concern with the school putting children’s health at risk from urinary tract infections.”
Girls have been told to show their red cards to use the facilities3Girls have been told to show their red cards to use the facilitiesCredit: Getty
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