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Panicking Putin desperately classifies medical files that revealed his ‘cancer battle’ as weak ruler fears coup

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PANICKED Vladimir Putin has dramatically classified data which “proves he has been treated for cancer”.
Rumours have persistently swirled that the tyrant, 70, is “critically ill” – fuelled by his bloated face and trembling legs.
Russia has dramatically classified data wich 'proves Vladimir Putin had been treated for cancer'2Russia has dramatically classified data wich ‘proves Vladimir Putin had been treated for cancer’Records show surgeon Yevgeny Selivanov visited Putin at least 35 times2Records show surgeon Yevgeny Selivanov visited Putin at least 35 timesBombshell spy documents leaked to The Sun appeared to confirm Putin has pancreatic cancer and early-stage Parkinson’s disease.
Now the panicked Russian leader has desperately classified medical files that reveal an apparent cancer battle as he fears a coup inside the Kremlin.
A loophole previously allowed investigative journalists to show that the dictator was constantly accompanied by a top thyroid cancer specialist and other medics.
Revelations last April indicated surgeon Yevgeny Selivanov, of Moscow’s Central Clinical Hospital, had flown to Putin no less than 35 times in Black Sea resort Sochi.
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The proof of Putin’s treatment by cancer doctors was deduced from the existence of contracts with the hospital which were listed on a Russian public procurement website.
Now such details have been made top secret, preventing public knowledge of current and future contracts.
Earlier it was seen that Putin was accompanied by between six and 13 medical specialists on his trips.
Medics were also seen to be on standby near his favourite official residences outside Moscow, for example in Sochi and Valdai.

The report by Proekt media in April gave credence to rumours that Putin had suffered from cancer.
Medics appeared to be thyroid and ENT specialists.
It comes after it was revealed the Russian government has built a secret network of rail lines that lead to Putin’s residences – and train stations nearby.
The blocking of data of such contracts was revealed by Sirena, part of Radio Liberty.
The move is likely to increase speculation that the Kremlin is hiding the truth about Putin’s health during the war against Ukraine.
Symptoms of thyroid cancer include the appearance of a thick nodule in the thyroid area; hoarseness of voice; difficulty swallowing; pain in the neck and throat; enlarged lymph nodes in the neck; a dry cough, scratchy or scratchy feeling in the throat or behind the sternum.
There have also been claims that Putin is suffering from abdominal cancer and other ailments.
Meanwhile, there have been suggestions that drugs to treat his cancer may have distorted his mind when he launched the war in Ukraine.
The Kremlin insists that Putin is healthy.
Among the medics named as treating Putin were Dr Dmitry Verbovoy, an expert in acute illnesses, injuries and poisonings.
Another was Dr Konstantin Sim, an orthopaedic traumatologist, possibly helping with ice hockey injuries, ENT doctor Alexei Shcheglov and infectious disease specialist Yaroslav Protasenko.
He was also seen by neurosurgeons from the Central Clinical Hospital, led  by department head Oleg Myshkin and Dr Elena Rastrusina, plus a resuscitator
Dr Pavel Sharikov, and  head nurse Lyudmila Kadenkova.
A rehabilitation specialist was also involved, Dr Mikhail Tsykunov.In July 2020, Putin met with the head of the National Medical Research Center for Endocrinology, Ivan Dedov.
It comes after the former head of MI6 suggested said there could be a coup inside the Kremlin to oust Putin – but the mechanisms for political change in Russia are “fragile”.
Sir Richard Dearlove told The Sun: “I think we’re heading into another phase where you’re going to get a political upheaval as a result of a war gone badly wrong.
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“There could be a coup inside the Kremlin.
“I don’t think there will be a popular uprising in Russia, but because of the catastrophic situation they’re in, there must be massive tensions in the current leadership.”

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