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Newly-refurbished one-bedroom home could be yours for £600-a-month but it comes with a very grim catch

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PEOPLE were shocked after discovering one property on the market for just £600-a-month – but there’s a huge catch.
The one bedroom apartment comes with a very unusual job – and it left some house hunters freaked out.
House hunters were stunned to discover a flat to rent above a funeral home1House hunters were stunned to discover a flat to rent above a funeral homeCredit: Jessica James PropertiesThis flat sits above Hillier Funeral Service in Swindon, Wiltshire and the tenant will have to spend their days surrounded by dead bodies.
They will even have to “wipe down” after the deceased have been removed and clean the mortuary fridges.
Potential renters will also be required to assist in “showing doctors the deceased,” and “conducting mourners” during chapel visits.
If this wasn’t enough, they have to “strip the mortuary floor” several times a year, act as a receptionist answering the phone, keep the carpets clean and maintain the garden.
A Place in the Sun's Jasmine Harman in tears as couple ask 'what's the catch''Burglars' forced to clean up mess they had made after property owner catches them
These tasks are all within the job description of a mortuary caretaker – the job the property comes with.
The property listing offered a £10.10 hourly wage and when the work day is over, you can enjoy a “good-sized” master bedroom.
High ceilings and an original fireplace are also listed as attractive features in the description.
But after it was shared on social media, people thought it could be “an insanely bad deal.”

One Reddit user said: “Wow, I’m sure this might be a good deal for someone with a very specific lifestyle but working six days a week with only two weeks off a year, to have what amounts to £200 left over per month [after paying the rent]…. That is an insanely bad deal.
“Even if it’s only a couple of hours a day. I would definitely expect to be rent free or at least extremely cheap.
“Edit: also you gotta deal with ghosts so it’s even worse.”
A second replied: “Did you not read the ‘clean the mortuary’ bit? I’ll take the ghosts over that.”
A third social media user said: “You have to pay to live at work… above a mortuary…”
While another added: “I saw this the other day too! Was almost onboard until the ‘wipe down the mortuary’ bit.”
One viewer added: “Good find.”
Hillier Funeral Service was approached for comment.
This comes as house hunters stumble across cheap properties that come with a catch every day.
Including one three-bedroom house that hit the market for just £39,000.
The home offers two bathrooms, a large kitchen, spacious lounge, a front and back garden in addition to three generous-sized bedrooms.
However, while house hunters will be impressed by the price tag, they may be shocked when they view the inside.
Photographs on the Zoopla listing reveal each room needs a major re-model as stages of disrepair and decay vary.
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All that currently remains inside the property are the bare bones of the kitchen, including a sink and broken cabinets, naked light bulbs, grubby bathroom suites and a few patches of dated wallpaper.

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