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Mysterious orange glow leaves residents baffled with some suggesting it’s ALIENS – but there’s a simple explanation

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A MYSTERIOUS orange glow above a city left residents baffled, with some even suggesting it was aliens – but there’s a simple explanation.
The beaming bright light was spotted hovering on the night skyline in Leicester and had locals talking about what it could be.
A mysterious orange glow in the sky left residents baffled3A mysterious orange glow in the sky left residents baffledResidents had taken a number of pictures of the eerie sight3Residents had taken a number of pictures of the eerie sightCredit: Twitter/@seifnnNeighbours posted dozens of shots of the unearthly orange glow which even looked pink on occasion.
Some suggested it was a weather phenomenon while many thought it was light pollution.
Other onlookers were convinced that the orange glow could be a sign of extra-terrestrial life.
But the mystery was solved with a rather simple explanation that didn’t involve little green men.
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The eerie glow came from Leicester City Football Club’s King Power Stadium with grass-growing lamps beaming into the night sky.
Each winter, the Premier League club uses powerful lamps to help the pitch’s grass grow and when the clouds are low, the light hits them, causing the eerie colour.
The phenomenon had puzzled thousands of people living in the city, where the King Power Stadium has been home to the Foxes since 2002.
In the last ten days there were dozens of comments about the sky turning orange.

Social media was flooded with reactions as people speculated what could be causing the strange phenomenon.
One witness said: “Amazing photo of the weird red glow over Leicester the last couple of nights.
“Apparently, it’s caused by some kind of pitch-warming lights coming from the King Power stadium and isn’t anything extra-terrestrial.”
One said: “The sky is so random this pink tinge to it…Aliens?”
Another added: “Aliens? Strange red sky patterns in the night this evening over Leicester !?”
One Tweeted: “Think it’s Leicester City FC grounds staff using LED lighting on the pitch at King Power stadium to grow the grass.
“They have several of them, each costing over £100,000 and about £2000 a day to run.”
Another responded: “Each winter, the LCFC staff use light bulbs to give the pitch an extra boost of energy when the sun’s not around to do the job properly.
“This is the visual aura it creates in the sky, feels like a tropical holiday….”
One said: “The red glow over #Leicester is solved it would seem.
“Can’t see why they have to light up the entire City to grow a bit of grass though.”
One added: “For the past three nights, the sky over to the west has had this strange yet wonderful glow of orange to it late into the night.”
Others described how “weird” it was seeing the sky turn pink at 1am while another said it was “strange.”
Another joked: “Red glow over Leicester….like my nose after a night on the Pinot Noir!”
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One resident posted a video and some pictures of the brightly lit sky and said: “The sky of Leicester today was like a palette of colours. Pink and lovely.”
But others said it was a shame – because animals would suffer from the light pollution.
But the orange glow was emanating from Leicester City FC's stadium3But the orange glow was emanating from Leicester City FC’s stadiumCredit: Alex Hannam/Triangle News
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