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My friend was killed by a ‘spider bite’ after a beast as big as a FIST attacked me – our landlord didn’t care

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THE housemate of a teenager who was killed by a spider bite has told how he was also attacked by a beast as big as a fist.
Kacper Zydron says he was forced to go to A&E after being bitten by one of the eight-legged brutes just weeks before his mate Harry Bolton, 19, died.
Harry Bolton was found dead weeks after his friend was also bitten2Harry Bolton was found dead weeks after his friend was also bittenKacper Zydron had complained to the housing association about the infestation2Kacper Zydron had complained to the housing association about the infestationCredit: Ben LackHe claims he had complained to their landlords about the spider invasion after he was bitten – but nothing was done.
And a week later Harry was found dead by his housemates with a gaping wound the size of a £1 coin on his back.
Kacper says students had been leaving windows open during the spider nesting period because their modern student accommodation in Hull was getting very warm.
They could see large spiders descending from the attic and scuttling around the rooms but were told by their landlords not to go up there.
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He said: “The spiders were big – the size of a fist. I was bitten around August. 
“I was just in bed when it happened. It was not anything weird – it was just a small bite pretty much. It was just a pinprick. After about a week, it was like a hole in my neck that had started oozing.
“I went to A and E and they pretty much fobbed me off and gave me paracetamol.”
“The painkillers had little effect. So I called my GP and demanded antibiotics. Then the bite went down and it got better.

“I reported the issue with the spiders after that because it had just got worse at that point.”
A clause in the tenancy agreement also stated that low-level pest intrusions were the responsibility of tenants.
A few weeks later, Harry was bitten too.
After discharging himself from hospital, Harry was going to go back for another check up but passed during the night. 
Coroners determined that Harry’s death was caused by sepsis, due to an acute chest infection, due to an infected wound on his back.
Harry was in the second year of a three year chemistry BA and enjoying university.
He added: “It was just unfortunate events. I don’t blame anyone for it. It was a weird situation but it happened. ”
But he agreed it was  strange that both he and Harry both suffered similar extreme reactions to the bites.
He said: “I don’t think they were venomous. It was just a case of both spider bites getting infected from bacteria.
“It was pretty much a crappy situation that happened and no one knew what to do.”
Students currently occupying the same row of three storey houses said they had not noticed any spider problems recently.
One male student said: “I live in the attic and have never even seen a spider.”
Another girl said: “I was shocked to read what happened. We’ve only had one spider we found in the kitchen but it could have come from outside though.”
After Harry’s death, pest control was called for the peace of mind of the tenants and a survey was carried out.
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Sticky traps were laid out. It revealed that there was a normal number of insects in the house given the time of the year.
The company has been contacted for comment.

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