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My 7-year-old son was suspended from school & humiliated when his teachers found out about my job – it’s a disgrace

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A MOTHER has been left humiliated after her seven-year-old son was suspended from school due to her racy side hustle.
Sara Blake Cheek was reported to Orange Country Public Schools, Florida, for her OnlyFans page after it was discovered by nosy parents.
Sara Blake Cheek pictured on her Instagram3Sara Blake Cheek pictured on her InstagramCredit: InstagramFlorida mum Victoria Triece had sued her children's school over unfair treatment due to her day job3Florida mum Victoria Triece had sued her children’s school over unfair treatment due to her day jobCredit: PAIn turn, Sara was forced to homeschool her son after the school principal forced the child to leave.
She told The Star: “They never gave a reason or responded to us.
“I just wanted to talk to the principal and hold her accountable for not being able to do her job without bias solely based on what a kid deserves without involving his parent.
“They just graduated him out and we homeschooled to make up for the time missed and he is now enrolled at another public school.”
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Her public outcry follows another mum who was banned from volunteering at the same school because she also had an OnlyFans account.
As a result, Victoria Triece has filed a lawsuit against Orange County Public Schools.
The single mother spent more than five years volunteering at her boy’s school before a concerned parent sent an email to the principal about her day job.
She was then told to quit her volunteering role.

Victoria told The Washington Post: “The most exciting part of being a mom was to be involved in their lives.
“That was all I wanted for my kids.”
The mum-of-two is now being backed by Sara who found herself in a similar situation.
Sara said: “When Victoria’s story hit, I messaged her because she had found an attorney willing to take on an OnlyFans case.
“I had a similar situation with being banned from my kids’ football organisations because I did OnlyFans.
“I wasn’t allowed to bring them to practise, watch their games or have any communication with coaches.
“They erased me from my kids’ lives and humiliated me for what I did in private by exposing that secret.
“My son was even suspended from school and in trying to communicate with the principal, she refused to talk to me or give a reason as to why he was being treated badly simply because I did OnlyFans.
“It is unjust and awful.”
The 31-year-old claimed it was wrong because all they were doing was providing their children with a better life.
Sara said: “Having your rights as a mother taken away by someone else for providing is unimaginably the worst feeling in the world.
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“I hope Victoria gets justice for us all.”
Another woman who rakes in £110,000 a month on OnlyFans said she was bullied by fellow mums after they discovered her account.
Another racy photo of Sara3Another racy photo of SaraCredit: Instagram
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