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Moment rampaging leopard with blood around its mouth snarls after mauling lawyers in courthouse attack

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THIS is the moment a bloodthirsty leopard snarls after breaking into a court and mauling several lawyers.
Victims had to be rushed to hospital after the spotted beast terrorised the site in India for four hours before it was eventually caught.
The leopard prowled around the court in India after breaking in3The leopard prowled around the court in India after breaking inCredit: Jam Press Vid/Rare Shot NewsSeveral people were injured in the attack3Several people were injured in the attackCredit: Jam Press/Rare Shot NewsShocking footage shows the leopard with blood around its mouth as it bares its teeth.
Several men can also be seen fleeing the scene while dripping with blood after being savaged by the wild animal.
Horrified witnesses said the leopard appeared out of nowhere and started prowling around the first floor of the Ghaziabad District court premises in Utter Pradesh on Wednesday
Around 15 lawyers were working in the courthouse at the time.

Frightened workers scrambled for cover while lawyers barricaded themselves into offices to keep safe from the roaming vicious predator.
It is understood the beast attacked a police officer and at least four lawyers.
One lawyer was pounced on by the leopard while trying to fend it off with a shovel and a stick.
Meanwhile, a boot polisher shining shoes on the court premises was also savaged and had to be taken to hospital with serious injuries, according to local media.

One witness said: “The leopard was first seen under the stairs in the CJM court building.
“On seeing the people, the leopard ran from there. It pounced on the people and started running.
“A constable, a lawyer, a shoe polisher, and several people were injured in the leopard attack.”
Animal welfare officers were called to the courthouse to capture the wild beast.
The 12-member team entered the building with nets and cages to catch the leopard.
It is understood the officers managed to tranquilise the leopard and put it in a cage four hours after it entered the court.
The attack comes after a wild leopard took a swipe at a van following a ferocious rampage through a city that saw 13 people injured.
Local residents were rushed to hospital with serious injuries from the big cat attack in Jorhat, North East India, last month.
The leopard mauled at least 13 people, which included a forest guard and a mother and her two daughters.
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The animal was captured and tranquillised after a two-day search.
Victims had to be rushed to hospitals3Victims had to be rushed to hospitalsCredit: Jam Press/Rare Shot News

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