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Moment police find Megan Newborough’s half-naked body in bushes as chilling CCTV shows killer ditching bloody clothing

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THIS is the chilling moment police found the half-naked body of a young woman dumped in bushes after she was murdered by her boyfriend.
Ross McCullum attacked Megan Newborough, 23, “with great violence” before embarking on a “calculated and carefully executed” cover-up.
Police bodycam footage shows the moment Megan Newborough's body was discovered7Police bodycam footage shows the moment Megan Newborough’s body was discoveredThe HR advisor was strangled then had her throat slit7The HR advisor was strangled then had her throat slitCredit: PAHer killer used Megan's car to dump her body before he was seen changing his blood-stained clothes7Her killer used Megan’s car to dump her body before he was seen changing his blood-stained clothesThe “sadistic killer”, 30, strangled HR advisor Megan then told police he cut her throat to “make sure” she was dead.
Harrowing bodycam footage has now been released by police after McCullum was yesterday found guilty of murder.
It shows the moment police found Megan’s body in a “tall, dense mass of bracken tangled with overgrown brambles”.
One officer can be heard saying she has been “hidden by the leaves” as his colleague shines a torch into the bushes.
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He then says: “It looks like she hasn’t got a top on”.
Further haunting footage shows McCullum on CCTV arriving at Loughborough College campus in Megan’s car, which he used to transport her body.
The monster was captured looking around as he changed his blood-stained clothing before dumping it in a bin.
He then got a taxi to take him near to his home to “presumably avoid prying eyes” – leaving Megan’s car behind.

McCullum later left her a voicemail as part of the grisly cover up, saying: “You haven’t rang back, or text me or anything.
“It’s probably nothing, probably you fell asleep – I had a fun time earlier.”
McCullum and Megan met each other in June last year while working at Leicestershire-based brick company Ibstock.
They had exchanged flirtatious messages and were in a “relationship of sorts” for around a month before Megan was killed.
She was said to have “indulged McCullum with nothing but empathy, kindness and endless patience” during the fling.
On August 6 last year, Megan drove to McCullum’s parent’s home in Coalville, Leicestershire, where she was killed sometime between 8.15pm and 8.50pm.
Prosecutor John Cammegh KC said: “He would have shown her into the front room. And at some point within the next 30 to 40 minutes he attacked her with great violence.”
He then made an attempt to clean her blood from the carpet using sheets and “fancy dress clothes”.
McCullum text Megan saying “You are f***ing amazing” followed by a smiley face and three kisses as he bundled her body into the car.
He also “jettisoned” Megan’s iPhone into thick undergrowth to further cover his tracks.
Megan was reported missing on August 7 and McCullum was later arrested.
While being quizzed by police, her partially clothed body was discovered.
A post-mortem found Megan had suffered 14 neck wounds in total with prosecutors suggesting he had tried to decapitate her.
Officers recovered 3,500 WhatsApp messages between the pair that “quickly” changed from being “largely innocent to overwhelmingly sexual”.
McCullum became “increasingly distorted and unpleasant” in the texts and spoke of sexual fetishes where he wanted Megan to call him “Lord Commander”.
During his evidence, the monster laughed from the dock as he revealed the moments after Megan’s murder where he watched pornography.
The fiend also watched YouTube videos about Charles Bronson.
He also repeatedly searched for serial killer Levi Belfield, Soham killer Ian Huntley and the Yorkshire Ripper.
Police believe McCullum would have “gone on to kill again” had he not been caught and say he was “enjoyed” murdering Megan.
Speaking after the verdict, Megan’s family said their lives have “well and truly been ripped apart” by the killing.
They added: “Megan shone like a star to everyone she came into contact with. She excelled at work and was an enthusiastic dancer, teaching children of all ages.
“She had a bright future ahead of her.
“Megan was only 23 when she was killed – she was just days away from her 24th birthday and was about to move into her own house. We’ve still got things she’d bought and items she was going to take with her, which serve as a cruel reminder.
“Having a knock at your door in the early hours of the morning to say a loved one is dead is something nobody should ever have to deal with.
“At that moment, our hearts were shattered beyond repair. Again, it’s almost impossible to describe how numb you become. You’re unable to think, sleep or function properly.
“Megan’s story is our story – we’re the ones serving the life sentence.
“She was an incredibly good judge of character. She knew who she could and couldn’t trust.
“She left home that night in a very happy mood. The thought of what happened to her just hours later – and the evil facing her – is something we can’t escape.”
McCullum will be sentenced on Friday.
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McCullum had admitted manslaughter but was yesterday convicted of murder7McCullum had admitted manslaughter but was yesterday convicted of murderCredit: PAHe had been in a relationship 'of sorts' with Megan7He had been in a relationship ‘of sorts’ with MeganShe was seen on doorbell cam making her way to his home where she was killed7She was seen on doorbell cam making her way to his home where she was killedCredit: PAHer Fitbit was later found at the house7Her Fitbit was later found at the houseCredit: PA

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