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Let’s have a criminal probe into the insanity of children’s gender clinic Tavistock

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GOODBYE Nicola Sturgeon! The Scottish First Minister has resigned.
Parting is such sweet sorrow, isn’t it?
We heard the incredible story of what went on at the Tavistock clinic’s Gender Identity Development Service.8We heard the incredible story of what went on at the Tavistock clinic’s Gender Identity Development Service.Credit: AlamyScotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has resigned8Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has resignedCredit: Getty – PoolThat’s why I’ve been dancing around the garden with a bottle of Prosecco, whooping and hollering, ever since I heard.
She says she’s leaving because it’s “time to go”. Yeah right. The truth is, she’d still be there now if it wasn’t for her idiotic, counter-rational, gender recognition act.
This meant that male rapists in wigs must be placed in women’s prisons.
That’s when her political career completely unravelled.
If City are guilty they should be booted from Prem...but don’t hold your breathPampered public sector will bring nation to its knees with greed and selfishness
Never has there been a clearer case of go woke, go broke.
Listening to her try to justify her ­sudden change of policy was excruciating, even if you can’t stand her.
From that moment on she was dead in the water.
And the reason it was excruciating is because it was based on a lie. A demonstrable lie.

That someone who says they are a woman but has a todger and male chromosomes actually IS a woman.
Almost everybody in the country knows that is a fib.
And trying to wriggle around it proved her undoing.
Sturgeon will not be the last to lose her job as a consequence of signing up to this ludicrous fad.
Or, at least, she shouldn’t be.
Last weekend we heard the incredible story of what went on at the Tavistock clinic’s Gender Identity Development Service.
An astonishing, horrific, betrayal of hundreds and hundreds of children in the name of woke.
Given life-changing puberty blockers so they could change gender.
Some kids referred to the clinic were as young as three years old.
These often very young people were reportedly sometimes put straight on experimental drugs with just one interview after ­referral.
All done because the quacks and consultants had been captured by an obnoxious ideology which denied the ­permanence of sexual difference.
And insisted that — counter to reality — people could be whatever they wanted to be.
In doing all this, the clinic is said to have ignored the often very serious psychological disorders which accompanied so-called gender dysphoria.
Such as autism, schizophrenia or depression.
Criminal investigation
Everything would be OK, they argued, so long as the children got these ­experimental drugs.
And this happened under a Conservative government.
And it happened because people were too terrified of what would happen to them if they challenged the ridiculous ideology.
They would be called “transphobic” and drummed out of their jobs.
We only know about it now because gradually one or two visiting consultants started getting very worried about what was happening.
Then a very brave young woman called Keira Bell took Tavistock to court — and the judges ruled that people under the age of 16 were not mature enough to consent to take these awful drugs, still less undergo invasive medical procedures.
There were more brave whistleblowers.
A young clinical psychologist called Anna Hutchinson had what she called a “holy f***!” moment.
She realised that puberty blockers weren’t just a “pause” — and that they were not improving the ­mental states of the patients.
“Are we hurting children?” she asked her superiors. Yes, hundreds of them.
What we need now is a criminal investigation into the Tavistock — and its directors held to account, under the law.
Prison sentences should follow.
Political correctness is ALWAYS ­dangerous.
But it has never been so dangerous as it was at the Tavistock clinic.
Seventh blunder of the world . . . 
PEOPLE say you know you’re old when you see how young the coppers are.
Well, maybe.
S Club Seven's Tina Barrett, Rachel Stevens, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Jo O'Meara, Hannah Spearritt and Bradley McIntosh8S Club Seven’s Tina Barrett, Rachel Stevens, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Jo O’Meara, Hannah Spearritt and Bradley McIntoshCredit: GettyThe group have announced a reunion tour8The group have announced a reunion tourCredit: GettyBut nothing has made me feel as old as looking at those pictures of S Club 7’s reunion tour.
I didn’t know they’d been away, for a start.
Then I read it was their 25th anniversary! A quarter of a century?
Where does the time go?
It seems like only yesterday that I heard them for the first time and decided I didn’t like them.
ANOTHER hilarious VAR mistake.
Officials failed to spot an obvious offside in Brentford’s equaliser against Arsenal.
Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United8Bruno Fernandes of Manchester UnitedCredit: GettyIt wasn’t as gob-smacking as allowing that goal by Bruno Fernandes for Man United against Man City, mind.
That was beyond comprehension.
I wonder if there is any football fan left in the country who believes that VAR has improved the game and removed unfairness from decisions?
Blood on his hands
MORE than 40,000 people dead in that terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria.
I wonder how many of those people might have been saved if Turkey wasn’t committed to supporting the Syrian rebels in their war?
Turkish president Recep Erdogan is to blame for the shocking death toll8Turkish president Recep Erdogan is to blame for the shocking death tollCredit: GettyAnd if Russia hadn’t closed off one of the main routes for shipping in aid?
The rest of the world has done what it can to help – although the UN, as ever, has been very slow.
But the main blame for that shocking death toll rests with the Turkish president, Recep Erdogan.
GREAT to see Alex James leading the charge to bring back discontinued snacks we all loved.
I’m not quite with him on the Texan bar, though.
Toast Toppers are back on our supermarket shelves8Toast Toppers are back on our supermarket shelvesCredit: AlamyIt tasted like sugared whale blubber.
And how can he have forgotten Toast Toppers?
I will not rest in my grave until these delicious tins of cat puke are back on our supermarket shelves.
And as for Lilt – “with de totally tropical taste” and people limbo dancing.
Um, maybe it’s had its day, bless it.
A Keir win for Labour
THE Labour Party has now received a clean bill of health over anti-Semitism.
It is a remarkable testament to the changes wrought by Sir Keir Starmer in just three years.
The demented leftists have been routed.
And Labour is beginning to look like a party of government.
All you need to do now, Keir, is remember what a “woman” is, with no qualifications.
Oh, and resist the temptation to bob down on one knee when the mood takes you.
Papua point taken
NEW Zealand pilot Phillip Mehrtens is being held by grim-looking rebels in Papua – just about the most isolated and primitive part of the globe.
I hope the rebels are bluffing when they say they are going to kill him.
New Zealand pilot Phillip Mehrtens is being held by rebels in Papua8New Zealand pilot Phillip Mehrtens is being held by rebels in PapuaCredit: APAll they want is international recognition for their fight for independence from Indonesia.
Ok, rebels – you’ve got it. Indonesia has no more right to any part of Western New Guinea than the Dutch did all those years ago.
Just as they had no right to Timor-Leste, Banda Aceh, Bali and two-thirds of Borneo.
Indonesia only exists as a consequence of colonialism.
And even though the Dutch have long left, it is still colonialist today.
B-army waste of cash
THE British Army hasn’t got a pot to p**s in. It sees its funding cut in real terms year after year.
And there’s now a proposal to reduce the number of full-time soldiers to just 73,000.
Yet at the same time, Army chiefs have just spaffed nearly a million quid on a woke advertising campaign.
It promised to reach “under-represented communities”.
Listen, you drongos. Never mind under-represented communities.
Your job is to train people to shoot Russians, or whoever else threatens our security.
Not to win a special award from Stonewall for services to the trans community.
Pregnant Laura Anderson DUMPS Gary Lucy and vows to bring up baby aloneMaldives-style overwater bungalows that cost £8 a day & are 3 hours from UK
And the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, should allow for a hefty increase in defence spending over the next five years.
Contrary to what he seems to believe, the world is not a terribly safe place right now.

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