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Kenneth Noye was a cold-blooded murderer but BBC has made him out to be a loveable rogue… he devastated my family

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THE uncle of road rage killer Kenneth Noye’s victim has slammed the BBC for portraying the gangster as a “loveable rogue”.
Noye stabbed Stephen Cameron, 21, to death following a row on the M25 in 1996.
Stephen Cameron was stabbed to death by Kenneth Noye5Stephen Cameron was stabbed to death by Kenneth NoyeCredit: PA:Press AssociationNoye's part in the Brink's Mat robbery is now being explored in a BBC series5Noye’s part in the Brink’s Mat robbery is now being explored in a BBC seriesCredit: News Group Newspapers LtdBefore murdering Stephen, Noye stabbed undercover cop John Fordham to death in West Kingsdown, Kent, in 1985.
The cop had been tasked with keeping a watch on the underworld figure over his part in the £26million Brink’s-Mat raid.
The robbery at Heathrow is currently at the centre of BBC drama The Gold, with actor Jack Lowden playing Noye.
Stephen’s uncle has now slammed the series for making the “cold-blooded murderer” out to be a “good guy”.
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Gary Cameron told Mail Online: “They have made him out to be some sort of Robin Hood character, taking from the rich. It’s unbelievable.
“I watched the first episode and was disgusted when I saw they have portrayed him as a nice guy, some sort of loveable rogue, which is completely wrong.
“It is not how he was. The man is a villain who is a ruthless double killer.”
Noye was acquitted of murdering John after claiming self-defence – despite the officer being stabbed ten times.

But he was eventually brought to justice over his involvement in the robbery in 1986 and jailed for 14 years.
He was released in 1994, having served eight years, and murdered Stephen two years later while on licence.
The brutal killing is not featured in the series but crops up in the closing titles as an update on what happened to the Brink’s Mat crooks.
Gary says Stephen’s dad Ken, who passed away in March last year, would be “appalled” by the show.
He added: “He had come to terms with Noye being released, but he never got over his son’s death.
“He was a broken man from when Stephen died in 1996 and took his own life a year ago.
“He was so close to Stephen and from the moment he died he changed.”
Noye was on licence when he fatally stabbed electrician Stephen in front of his fiancée Danielle Cable.
She bravely went to Spain with police to secretly identify him in 1998 after he went on the run.
Danielle, who was 17 at the time of the killing, gave evidence against Noye at the Old Bailey the following year.
She was later given a new name and secret home away from her native Kent.
Gary said Stephen’s killing caused a “ripple effect” – including Danielle being “taken away” from the family.
Noye has now reassured Danielle “she is at no risk from me” after he was released from jail in 2019.
In a new book by Donal MacIntyre and Karl Howman, he says: “She gave honest evidence at the trial. I have no issue with her. I am truly sorry for her loss and I am glad she has moved on with her life.
“She may not believe me but I do want to say this. I am not a danger to her in any respect.
“I was never a danger to her and there was never a million-pound price on her head, as the police suggested. She should be able to fully enjoy her family and friends because there are no threats to her from me – there never was.
“I am devastated at Stephen’s death and the circumstances around it.”
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Noye is played by Jack Lowden in the BBC series5Noye is played by Jack Lowden in the BBC seriesCredit: BBCNoye was freed from prison in 20195Noye was freed from prison in 2019Credit: PA:Press AssociationDanielle Cable witnessed Noye stab her partner Stephen to death5Danielle Cable witnessed Noye stab her partner Stephen to deathCredit: PA:Press Association

Story Credit: thesun.co.uk

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