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Join Britain’s biggest volunteering scheme on the King’s Coronation day, urges head Scout Bear Grylls

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THESE are tough times. The days are cold and dark and people are working twice as hard to keep our schools, hospitals and many other essential services going. 
We all need a bright moment to look forward to this year. Something that will bring us closer but also show that we are there for each other.
Chief Scout Bear Grylls is calling for people to come together for the King's coronation in May3Chief Scout Bear Grylls is calling for people to come together for the King’s coronation in MayCredit: PA:Press AssociationHis Majesty King Charles III has already shown that service is at the heart of his vision for the nation. The Big Help Out is making that a reality3His Majesty King Charles III has already shown that service is at the heart of his vision for the nation. The Big Help Out is making that a realityCredit: ReutersThat’s why we’ve dreamed up The Big Help Out. 
It’s happening on Bank Holiday Monday May 8, as the culmination of the Coronation weekend.
It’s about all us of doing one small thing that makes one big difference — helping out in the places we live.
Whether that’s visiting a lonely neighbour, cleaning up that unloved bit of the local park or volunteering at Scouts or Guides, this is our chance to see the difference volunteering can make. 
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Who knows, it might just be the start of something (or yet another amazing chapter in your volunteering life). 
Organised by the Together Coalition, who made Thank You Day such a joyful part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee last summer, it’s a day to change things for the better.
Nearly two-thirds of us volunteer in some way each year, and over 40 per cent volunteer at least once a month.
That incredible generosity is what makes this country truly great.

We’re a diverse nation of people and communities who look out for each other.
We saw that especially in the pandemic, when so many stepped up to support vaccination centres and deliver food and medicine to the vulnerable.
As Chief Scout, I’m so proud that scouts were a key part of this effort. They also sent tens of thousands of cards and gifts to those in care homes. 
In Scouts we make a promise to help other people.
We’ll be out in force across our communities on May 8, celebrating and giving people a chance to try activities and volunteering.
Hundreds of other charities will be doing the same.
It’s a kindness revolution and about making a huge difference together.
Why we need you
And here’s the thing.
You don’t have to have special skills to volunteer, just a big heart and a little time.
The only superpower you need is your kindness. 
People from all walks of life will be rolling up their sleeves and having a go.
But if you do have a special talent you can share, from DIY to gardening, then we want to know about it. 
Handy with a drill? There’s a role for you.
Good with people? We need your help.
The family’s best tea maker? You’ll be essential.
Get involved with the Big Help Out3Get involved with the Big Help OutHow to get involved
Head to
On the website, you’ll be able be matched up with the jobs that need you the most, and find out what’s happening in your area.
We want to hear from you even if you only have an hour to spare and the only things you have to offer are your enthusiasm and smile.
Those are the most important precious gifts of all.
A moment in history
We’ll look back on this day with pride in years to come.
We’ll remember the Coronation weekend, not just as a moment in history, but as a time when we stepped up and made change happen.
When we thought of others before ourselves and gave the best of ourselves in a true spirit of selflessness.
Change doesn’t just happen. People make it happen.
I want young people, families, neighbours and friends new and old to get together and play their part.
There’s an incredible feeling about being part of something bigger and knowing you’re doing something special. 
Most importantly, let’s have fun while we’re doing it.
Let’s make this spring a springboard to a brighter, more hopeful future. 
His Majesty King Charles III has already shown that service is at the heart of his vision for the nation.
The Big Help Out is making that a reality. 
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But it can only happen if we all do our bit. If we volunteer together, we can make such a difference. 
In fact, it could change everything.
PLUS: TELL US YOUR CORONATION MEMORIESDO you remember the 1953 Coronation? Were you among the 8,000 people who crammed into Westminster Abbey? Did you see the parade through London?
Or were you among millions who watched TV for the first time when the Queen’s Coronation was televised? 
Perhaps your street had a party to celebrate? Or were your parents at the event?
Tell us YOUR Coronation stories by going online to
You can upload pictures – and don’t forgot to let us know how we can contact you.
We will publish as many stories as we can in the run-up to the King’s Coronation.

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