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Inside life on UK’s loneliest street with only one resident who refuses to budge… here’s why he won’t move out

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THIS is what life is like on the UK’s loneliest street which only has one resident – and he refuses to budge.
Nick Wisniewski, 66, is the only homeowner left in a block of 128 flats after his 200-odd neighbours shifted out 12 months ago.
Nick Wisniewski lives on the UK's most loneliest street5Nick Wisniewski lives on the UK’s most loneliest streetCredit: Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser/Media ScotlandHe's been the only resident left since his 200-odd neighbours moved5He’s been the only resident left since his 200-odd neighbours movedCredit: SWNSThe area has fallen into a state of disrepair5The area has fallen into a state of disrepairCredit: SWNSHe lives in a Scottish building set for demolition, alongside seven other blocks, that sits in an overgrown, abandoned area.
Many of the Stanhope Place, Wishaw, properties are boarded up, and the height of the grass surrounding the buildings can get “ridiculous”.
For months there was no security, and people could get into the empty flats, and windows had been smashed to pieces.
But, it’s home to Nick, and he says he’s not going anywhere.
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That’s because the retiree is mortgage free, and even with his local council offering to give him money towards a new home, Nick says he wouldn’t be able to buy another house outright.
In August, the North Lanarkshire Council told him they want to redevelop the area – offering Nick £35,000 to flatten his block.
The 66-year-old bought his flat more than six years ago under the Right to Buy scheme, before it ended in Scotland.
The initiative aimed to help council tenants buy their homes at a discounted price.

And Nick, who retired last year after working for more than 20 years with TSB bank, is not in a position to buy anywhere else.
He previously told the Daily Record: “I bought my flat as I didn’t want to be paying rent for the rest of my life.
“The council have offered me £35,000 but to buy another would cost me anything between £80,000 and £100,000 now.”
The council also offered him rented accommodation, but he turned it down.
Nick said: “The council said they can’t offer me a penny more. They are talking about a Compulsory Purchase Order but that’s a last resort.
“If they make me a decent offer then perhaps we could use that and my son could get us a mortgage. I’m too old for a mortgage now.”
A spokesperson for North Lanarkshire Council said: “We fully understand this is a sensitive issue and are working closely with the resident.
“It would not be appropriate to discuss the specific financial details, but we are working in accordance with our policies to ensure the resident receives a fair deal and to support him so that he finds suitable alternative accommodation.”
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Just this week Nick revealed how he is now planning to spend  £1,000 to repaint his living room, get new carpets, and panel his hall.
He said: “I am not worried about spending the money on doing that stuff because I am not going anywhere.”
The 128 neighbouring flats are empty5The 128 neighbouring flats are emptyCredit: SWNSNick says there are times the lengths of the grass gets 'ridiculous'5Nick says there are times the lengths of the grass gets ‘ridiculous’Credit: SWNS
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