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Incredible 65p household item that can de-ice your driveway in SECONDS – everyone has some in their cupboards

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BRITS have been raving about a new hack that de-ices driveways in seconds – and it costs just 65p.
The UK is currently under ice weather warnings and roads, driveways and footpaths up and down the country are extremely slippy.
Brits will face more icy weather this weekend1Brits will face more icy weather this weekendThe Met Office have even warned that people could be injured this weekend if they fail to spot black ice.
And the Department of Transport has already warned Brits not to use hot water to clear away frost – as it can create more ice.
But now a new hack has revealed that people can use an everyday household item to clear their pathways.
Brits don’t need to fork out a fortune on de-icer as kitchen salt will do the same thing.
Weather warning as -5C blast turns UK into ice rink - but a BIG change is comingThe weather condition pilots hate flying in the most - as it can cause crashes
As little as a tablespoon per square metre can do the job – and 750g costs just 65p in Asda.
It comes after a mum revealed a hack to make sure you never slip on icy pavements.
With driveways and paths turning into hazards, TikTok creator @mels_family_life shared a clever hack to prevent you embarrassing yourself.
Branding it an “absolute game changer”, the mum-of-two revealed she puts socks on over her shoes.

She said: “So this is happening right now.
“When it’s icy, socks and shoes… game changer.”
The trick is completely free and only requires an old pair of socks.
Mel said it works if you put the socks over the whole shoe or just on the sole.

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