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I’m the world’s best boss – I’m holding a raffle to give my staff bonuses totalling more than £2.4MILLION

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MINING mogul Gina Rinehart is celebrating her birthday in a big way – by giving out millions to her employees.
Some lucky miners may strike gold as Gina is rewarding a generous £60,000 to 41 employees to ring in her 69th year.
Gina Rinehart is Australia's richest woman, worth billions5Gina Rinehart is Australia’s richest woman, worth billionsCredit: GettyThe mining heiress and Chairman of Hancock Prospecting group plans to give away money for her birthday5The mining heiress and Chairman of Hancock Prospecting group plans to give away money for her birthdayCredit: ReutersEach of the estimated 4000 Hancock Prospecting workers has a one per cent chance of winning a jackpot bonus.
The 41 cash prizes represent each of the 41 years she has worked at Hancock Prospecting, her incredibly successful mining business.
Employees said they have been assured the prizes will be tax free.
Worth £5billion and dubbed Australia’s richest woman, Gina gave out £600,000 in Christmas bonuses less than two months ago in a similar raffle.
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One winner of the Christmas giveaway reportedly only worked at the company for three months.
Some of the names drawn at the last raffle weren’t there in person, so Gina allegedly kept drawing names until someone in the room won a prize.
One unnamed worker told The Financial Review: “It was pretty insane being in the room, and she kept saying the prize money came ‘after nasty tax’.”
Gina’s mining company reportedly said future prize giveaways will be suspended if the iron ore price falls below a “very low threshold”.

Until then, the incredibly lucrative “Rinehart raffles” will happen at least twice a year, sources say.
Many social media users praised the generous birthday bonuses.
One user said: “I have been saying for years she is a good person. In your face to the people who were freaking nasty about her.
“Thanks, Gina for giving people the opportunity to move forward in life with a bit of help in your birthday raffle.”
But not everyone was pleased – some thought the bonuses weren’t enough considering Gina’s enourmous net worth.
One Twitter account said: “I don’t think this is fair, distribute it equally amongst all the employees!”
Another piped in: “She’ll probably get it all back one way or another.”
The billionaire’s iron ore mining company, Roy Hill Mine, made a massive £2billion profit last year.
Rinehart is the only daughter of iron-ore magnate Lang Hancock, and took over his company after he died in 1992.
One Aussie boss sent her employees on a two week trip to Bali for free.
Boss Katya Vakulenko said: “I think it’s important for workplaces to all work together as a team, both inside and outside of working hours.”
UK start-up boss Ashley Jones surprised his entire team with a £7,000 trip to Ibiza and Calvin Harris tickets.
And the Ibiza trip is not the only insane bonus Ashley gave his employees – they’ve been treated well for months.
In the past two months, they’ve all attended Parklife festival and went to see Billie Eilish and Harry Styles together.
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Another boss spent more than £400,000 on luxury holidays for his team to reward their hard work.
Mark Neilson, 35, said he hopes the vacations he awards will motivate his workers to earn more money for his life insurance agency.
The billionaire turns 69 this on February 95The billionaire turns 69 this on February 9Credit: GettyHer family gained fortune after her father discovered deposits of iron ore in Western Australia5Her family gained fortune after her father discovered deposits of iron ore in Western AustraliaCredit: Getty – ContributorThe billionaire has led the company for 41 years5The billionaire has led the company for 41 yearsCredit: Getty – Contributor
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